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World Travel – Mexico (Chihuahua) 2006 – Part II

While in Copper Canyon we spent some time with the Tarahumara Indians including visiting one of their dwellings along the cliff wall. After that we started our trek north passing through Guerrero and stopping at the Paquimé Ruins in Casas Grandes. After that we crossed back into US at Douglas Arizona.

Tarahumara Indian Dwelling

Church near Plaza

Paquimé Ruins

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World Travel – Mexico (Chihuahua) 2006 – Part I

We continue our Copper Canyon train trip crossing into Chihuahua. In April 2006 this area was seeing a serious drought so the water falls ran dry and the foliage was nearly bare. We look forward to traveling on this train again someday; maybe the entire length and back next time.


La Laja Bridge

San Rafael Station

Posada Barrancas

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2006: Copper Canyon, Mexico

RRAdventure Topic on TrainBoard: Railroad Adventures (RRAdventures) – Copper Canyon, Mexico

RRAdventure Website: Copper Canyon, Mexico

Photograph by Lisa M. Hadley

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World Travel – Mexico (Sinaloa) 2006

It’s morning in El Fuerte and we head down to the station and board the train for our trip into Copper Canyon. We pass by Ing Heriberto Valdez and Loreto Stations before crossing the bridge over Rio Fuerte.

Train Station El Fuerte

Ing Heriberto Valdez

Loreto Station

Bridge over Rio Fuerte

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World Travel – Mexico (Sonora) 2006 – Part III

The next day we passed through Alamos where we toured a Pottery factory, took a walking tour of the city, visited the Old Church, a Printing Press factory, went up to the top of the hill to view the city from above (see below) and then toured the home of two retired fire fighters. We then started our travel to El Fuerte, Sinaloa which will be covered next.

Palacio (Town Hall) and
Old Church Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

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World Travel – Mexico (Sonora) 2006 – Part II

The next day we spent out on the Sea of Cortez looking at various rock formations and wildlife; mainly birds. It’s amazing when you look at some of these rocks from Google Earth that they appear completely “White” from all the “Bird Poop” and can be seen from extremely high altitude because they are so reflective.

In the photograph below there was a HUGE nest of the Great Blue Heron; yes right in the middle of that cactus plant.

Sea of Cortez

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World Travel – Mexico (Sonora) 2006 – Part I

In April 2006 we use again traveled into Mexico. Our tour began in Phoenix, AZ and we traveled to Tucson to visit San Xavier Mission Church. After crossing the border at Nogalles we stopped in Hermosillo where we enjoyed the beauty of the Catedral di Hermosillo and the Government Palace. By night fall we reached San Carlos and watched the sunset over the Sea of Cortez.

San Xavier Mission Church

Catedral de Hermosillo

Sonora State
Governmental Palace

Sea of Cortez
View from Plaza Hotel

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