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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#9

Our final day of this RRAdventure…

Since the A/C of the car remains questionable, we decide to reduce our itinerary so that we will get home before the heat bakes us alive.

We start the morning off in Laramie and as we head to our first destination we come across a UP Caboose we didn’t expect to find.

After take a few picture we head onto our first destination which is the UP Depot and take several shorts around the station. A freight train pass by but I didn’t have the video camera with me, it was still in the car with Lisa.

From here we head over to the park that is near my Great Grandparents house where I remember a steam engine that stood there and it was great to see it was still there.

We now start our trek down I-80 and make a stop just outside of Buford where the Ames Monument sits.

We now reach Cheyenne and head toward to location of the Merci Car that was sent to Wyoming. The address we had was wrong but we lucked out and found it anyway.

After taking a few shots we head over to the park near by to photograph UP #4004

From here we head over to the UP Depot and that was a small challenge based on how the station is nearly under a bridge with One-Way streets and dead ends; but, we got there after a few wrong turns.

From here we work our way over to another park to track down UP#1242

It’s getting hot and even though the A/C is still working we decided to head for home. It was a good idea as after we got caught behind a traffic accident the A/C started to act up again. We reach Loveland by lunch and we stop for a quick shot of the C&S Depot but decide to not track down the GW Depot.

Well, after having a nice lunch and the A/C still acting up we head onto home and bypass all our other planned stops.

More photographs will be coming from this trip in a later RRAdventure TrainBoard topic so keep your eye out for it in the future.

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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#8

We start out this day by heading to Walden, CO to photograph UP Caboose #25408; I wonder if folks remember looking for this Google Earth Contest location.

We then take an Auto Tour of the McCallum Field which is a nice / short 11 mile drive with stops showing the way that BLM setup to explain historical gas and oil drilling in Colorado.
We then cross into Wyoming; catching Lunch in Laramie and then head west towards the Snowy Range. This takes us through Centennial, WY where we stop at the old Laramie, Hahns Peak & Pacific Depot. It’s been moved a short distance from its original location and is now a museum.

We then reach the Snowy Range and if you are ever in this area this is a scenic drive well worth your time.

We will also find this monument to a plane crash where 66 people lost their lives in 1955.

Medicine Bow Peak

Once on the other side of the range we turn north towards Saratoga, WY where we stop very briefly at the museum there to take a few shots and continue our drive north.

We move on as the car is once again giving us trouble, this time the A/C is starting to not work right and it’s hot out so we want to get to Rawlins quickly. Once we reach Rawlins find our way to the Depot which was a small challenge.

We also swing over the the west side of town to find UP#533 which was another small challenge given highway construction.

We call it a day and head east back to Laramie for the night with a car that is like a sauna inside.

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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#7

A new day and a new set of adventures. We start off this day at Fish Creek Falls which we hike to both the top and the bottom of the falls.


From hear we head up to Hahn’s Peak Lake which is where I used to go fishing with my Grandfather, Father, and Brother. I had not been there in untold years but could still remember the exact spot and use to toss in my line and catch fish. Brought a tear or two of pure happiness.

We return to Steamboat Springs to photograph the D&RGW Depot to also find Rio Grande Caboose #01502 standing near by.

We next head west down US40 until we reach Hayden where we bag our next D&RGW Depot.
We will continue west along US40 until we reach Craig. Here we will photograph the old Denver & Salt Lake Depot (later a D&RGW Station) and also photograph David Moffat’s Marcia Parlor Car. This car is marked Denver, Notherwestern & Pacific on one side and Denver & Salt Lake on the other. We found the car closed & locked even though all documentation we had said it should be open for tour.  Last time we were here it was open and there wasn’t a shelter over it.
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#6

On this day, it was originally all about a scenic drive. We started the day at Rifle Cap Falls and explored some of the shallow caves there too.


We now hop onto County Road 8 for a nice drive through the mountains stopping for a picnic at the Ripple Creek Overlook. Nothing like having lunch and listen to the Elk “Bugle” in the valley below.


We resume our drive passing over Ripple Creek Pass (10,343 ft.) and stop for a photo stop as we cross over Dunckley Pass (9,763 ft.) eventually coming out at Yampa, CO.


At this point we detour as we learned just 2 days before we left that the Kremmling Depot is scheduled to be moved so we decided to swing by and get a few shots. This takes us over Gore Pass (9,527 ft) and the cars transmission is starting to say enough.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, when we reached Kremmling our view got blocked a bit to get a nice clean shot of the depot.

Afterwards we head for Steamboat Springs for the night but to get there we must cross over Muddy Pass (8,710 ft.) and Rabbit Ears Pass (9,426 ft.); can you hear the car grown…
Continental DivideContinental Divide
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#5

We start out on this day by going up the side of the mountain to tour the “Glenwood Springs Caverns Adventure Park” which I would find out was now owned by a guy I went to college with. During the tour it opens up on the side of the cliff and looking down we caught a Coal Train passing through Glenwood Canyon.

After the tour we walked to downtown Glenwood Springs to take a few photographs; especially of the Depot and the Spa.

We checked at the station and both the West & East bound trains were running late as usual and the museum was closed. So, we decided to take a nice drive down Glenwood Canyon to take some scenic shots.

Well, wouldn’t you know it; the West Bound Amtrak shows up and we could barely get to a stopping point to catch some shots.

Wouldn’t you know it again, after we left that spot the East Bound shows up and we do our best to catch it. We actually did in a few places!
After reaching the east end of Glenwood Canyon we turned around to drive back to Glenwood Springs. Along the way we saw a UP Truck on the highway and then we got a crew on the tracks. Remember in my previous blog “Here is just a teaser of what we found but not the only thing“, that other piece we found operating along with others including this truck.
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#4

We start the day NW of Leadville by taking a drive around Turquoise Lake. We look several small hikes as well as stop at the Charles H Boustead Tunnel (Water) and the Sugar Loaf Dam. We then swing by the Leadville National Fish Hatchery.

We next head SW and drive over Independence Pass (12,095 ft.) and also stop at what’s left of the old ghost town.

Continental Divide

Not to fear, our next stop is very much RR related as we head to Basalt. Here we photograph the Colorado Midland Depot and as well the C&S Caboose #1050.

As we drop up the highway we noticed something on a side road; track? Now we understand all that should have been gone so we doubled back to find the side road and sure enough there it was. A small section of the Rio Grande Trail still was a section of track. Might make a great Google Earth contest in the future.
On on way we also find some great Red Rock geological formations
Carbondale, COCarbondale, CO
At the end of the day we reach Glenwood Springs and when we drove towards our hotel I noticed the UP yard was close by and something; so after dinner we drop over there. Here is just a teaser of what we found but not the only thing.
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#3

Day 3 begins and ends in Leadville, Colorado at 10,152 feet. We start off the morning traveling back towards Red Cliff that we passed on our way to Minturn the day before. Near this area the D&RGW track dropped deep into a canyon that begins in Red Cliff. We saw no way to stay within the canyon except by train or by river. A few miles down the highway we found a great little turn off that over looked Eagle Mine and the track below.

We then completed out loop drive to return to Leadville for todays main event. Time to get on board the Leadville, Colorado & Southern with the Video Camera ready to record the trip. Here is a shot of our host.
I bet you will enjoy my RRAdventures topic of this trip later with video of this ride…
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#2b

We continued our day and switched Fallen Flags; now the Denver & Rio Grande Western.

But first, before we leave Buena Vista I wanted to share a smile. Beside the Depot is a Caboose listed as Colorado Midland #425 but don’t be fouled, it’s really CB&Q #14364. It fact, they have not yet painted the backside of the display where it still sports it RED color, logo, and road number. When I do my complete RRAdventues story I will share those backside images too.

From here we turned north to Leadville along track that we understand UP might soon abandon. So, we took some time to stop a take a few shots to log certain pieces along the route.
We reached Leadville and took a few shots of the depot before we continued our drive north.
We continue north over Tennessee Pass and stopped at a WWII Memorial that is very important to Colorado and the Ski Industry.
Continental DivideTennessee Pass
This next shot I think my friend  HEMI will enjoy!
We continued over the pass to Camp Hale for a few shots there.
Tennessee Pass
Then onto Minturn to catch a D&RGW Depot there as well.
We turn back to Leadville and stopped at Climax Mines that is in the process of reopenning which will be huge for the local economy in this part of the state. There is a nice static display along the highway including mining train equipment.
We return to Leadville for the night to stay at the old Delaware Hotel. Talk about sleeping in an antique store, your room is shown off like a museum piece during the day and you sleep in at night. Nearly all the pieces are also for sale so it’s weird to stay there…
Leadville, CO
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#2a

As folks I’m sure know by now my RRAdventures website is full of Tourist Railroad shots and few real world Railfan photos. But what folks might not be aware of is that I also take time out to chase RR history and photograph those places before time catches up and they are lost.

So, this next section of our trip we stopped by and photographed many Denver, South Park & Pacific places.

Boreas Pass
Summit is at 11,481 feet



Buena Vista
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#1

Not a political statement but not wanting to be around all the “other” stuff that comes with holding a political convention for any party just down the street from your home.

So, Lisa and I decided to head into the hills and spend a week plus at higher altitude and do some photography. Some places we have not photographed before as well as places we decided it was time to do it again.

Not everything was RR related but we did catch many of RR shots along the way…

We started out stopping by a geological road cut along I-70 just outside of Morrison, CO.

Morrison, COMorrison, CO

From there we stopped up in Idaho Springs and for the first time took some photographs of the Colorado & Southern Depot and Section House there.

After that we headed up I-70 to Dumont where we recently learned about a Colorado and Southern Depot also survives.
We turned off I-70 to drive over Loveland Pass (11,990 ft) and hike around. We also stopped by Pass Lake to take some more nature shots there.
Continental DivideLoveland Pass
We then pulled into Dillon where we falsely hear the old Depot there still existed. We talked to a historian there that said it had long since burned down a few years after it was no longer in service. We did however come across a house that was adding a Caboose to it’s layout.
We later went into Keystone where we had learned the old Denver, South Park, & Pacific depot still stands.
Before call it a night in Breckenridge we stopped by the Rotary Snowplow Park again, this time to take some SUMMER shots of the equipment there we photographed last WINTER in several feet of snow.
Day #2 will bring many more RR shots to enjoy too…
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