2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#5

27 Aug

We start out on this day by going up the side of the mountain to tour the “Glenwood Springs Caverns Adventure Park” which I would find out was now owned by a guy I went to college with. During the tour it opens up on the side of the cliff and looking down we caught a Coal Train passing through Glenwood Canyon.

After the tour we walked to downtown Glenwood Springs to take a few photographs; especially of the Depot and the Spa.

We checked at the station and both the West & East bound trains were running late as usual and the museum was closed. So, we decided to take a nice drive down Glenwood Canyon to take some scenic shots.

Well, wouldn’t you know it; the West Bound Amtrak shows up and we could barely get to a stopping point to catch some shots.

Wouldn’t you know it again, after we left that spot the East Bound shows up and we do our best to catch it. We actually did in a few places!
After reaching the east end of Glenwood Canyon we turned around to drive back to Glenwood Springs. Along the way we saw a UP Truck on the highway and then we got a crew on the tracks. Remember in my previous blog “Here is just a teaser of what we found but not the only thing“, that other piece we found operating along with others including this truck.
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