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2010: Railfanning West of Town

Lisa and I once again escaped the heat of the city and traveled west into the hills to gather more RR photographic inventory for RRAdventures as well as to just enjoy cooler weather that the mountains give us this time of year.

We started off heading over Berthoud Pass (11,307ft) and did a little hiking along the Centennial Divide.

Continental Divide

We next headed for Winter Park to attempt to locate the the Denver and Salt Lake (D&RGW) Depot that is said to still exist. We are told it had been moved / altered and is now a private home. We were unable to locate it…

We next headed for Fraser to attempt to locate the D&RGW Depot there which too is listed as moved / altered and now a private home. Once again, no luck… We did how ever stop and officially photograph the Amtrak station.

As we headed for Fraser, we did catch some UP action along the way near County Road 83.

Next we headed for Granby to photograph both the Amtrak and the D&RGW Depots that sit side by side…

Our next stop was Hot Sulphur Springs to visit the Pioneer Village Museum to take photos of the RR equipment they have there plus record information the have that was RR related too…

Lastly we traveled to Frisco where we had heard a rumor that an Engine was also going to be hidden inside a store like D&RGW#120 is. Well, we found no engine but we did find that D&RGW#120 has been moved to the rear of the store to the point it’s partially now outside. The way it was moved it does make me wonder if the engine will be heading for the same store and placed ahead of the car; but, only time will tell…

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