2010: Railfanning South of Town; Part II / Day#1

10 Sep

Lisa and I once again headed out of town and headed south for a short vacation. On our first day we hiked around Castlewood State Park which once was a lake behind a dam that failed reveling the canyon once again.

We next headed into Manitou Springs to track down and photograph the Colorado Midland Passenger Depot that still exists that is now a private home.

We later headed up Highway 24 to see if we could find some historical markers in several towns that we read marked the location of where their depots once stood. This information we had was from 1979 and sadly we did not locate any of the markers. The towns searched were Cascade, Chipita (Ute) Park, and Green Mountain Falls. All of these would have been on the Colorado Midland route that basically Highway 24 now resides.

We continued to Woodland Park were we also read that part of the Passenger Station still exists and was now the library. Well, we found a brand new Library but talked to folks that said the old library had been moved over to a park to be used as a storage shed. Yep, one Baggage Room; all that remains of the depot from the fire that nearly destroyed it many years ago…


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2 responses to “2010: Railfanning South of Town; Part II / Day#1

  1. Dauq

    12/09/2011 at 12:19 AM

    Great photo with the bridge. I love the view. Thanks for letting me see a place I probably won’t visit in my life

    • Stourbridge Lion

      12/09/2011 at 3:21 PM

      That’s why I enjoy sharing trip reports like this with others as it gives us all chances to see places we might not get to see otherwise.

      Thanks for stopping by! Day #2 will be out on Saturday morning…


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