2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#11

19 Oct

Our final day of our trip is here and still lots planned. As we woke from a restless night as we could hear trains passing the hotel what seemed throughout the night as if they were in our room, we find one sitting on the tracks that Lisa and I got out our cameras and took a few early morning shots, one of those was of this Ferromex engine.

There was one more depot here that I didn’t get to on Day#10 because we were not sure where exactly it was. We agreed to give it another shot before leaving town and after some driving around we finally spotted it. It’s the AT&SF Combination from Thatcher that was moved to the south side of La Junta that is part of the Valley Trading Post property now.

OK, time to head out of La Junta and head for Rocky Ford as we continue to track down more AT&SF Depots.

We make a small detour north to Sugar City where we track down a UP Caboose they have in a small park on the north side of town.

From there we travel to Manzanola, Fowler, Boone, and Devine to find all the AT&SF depots in those cities. The one in Devine was from Avondale.

From there we head into Pueblo and look for a place to have lunch. We decided that we are both nearly worn out and will call it a day after visiting the Steal Works Museum of Industry & Culture; which is also where Mine Rescue Car #1 sits as a display piece.

From there we head for home after 2,572.5 miles of road miles plus a ton of walking but if you have been reading all the blog entries you know we had a very successful trip.

Shortly after getting back and working on this Trip Report I was contacted by the person building a new website dedicated to existing depots ( and asked if I could help him which I agree to. So, if/when you visit his site some photos there might look like those form this blog because they are.  I have a ton more I plan to help him with as well as his site will be an extremely helpful for me and others for future depot location information.

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