2012 – August Weekend Outing – Part 1

17 Aug

On August 17th, we take off for a 4-day weekend.  After driving awhile we stop on top of Kenosha Pass to walk around a bit.  There is a sign here about the railroad history when the Denver, South Park, and Pacific once operated over this pass.

Railroad History

Our next stop is to get a photo of the Replica Depot in Fairplay, CO of the DSP&P (Handcock).

Replica Depot - DSP&P Hancock

When I went to the Colorado School of Mines the head of the Mineral Engineering Mathematics Department and my Adviser was Ardel Boes. Something he did on the side was to race Burro’s here in Fairplay and lets say he won the race rather often.  I stopped to photograph the winners board…

Our next stop was Trout City, CO where the Mc Gees Depot is sitting for sale along with other replica buildings that make up a Bed and Breakfast.

Trout City Trout City

We will stop briefly at Ptarmigan Lake Trail to hike to the bridge where we heard the views might be good,  Um, nice bridge over a cute stream.


We will drive over Cottnwood Pass which is a Continental Divide pass at 12,126 Feet Elevation.

12,126 Feet Elevation

We head to Tin Cup, CO next to visit the Cemetery there where there are many old historic graves including this one of T. L. Stormes who was the first person buried here in 1879.

T. L. Stormes Headstone

Something else this small remote town is know for is it’s fire hydrants that are old and can be found in some interesting locations.

Tin Cup, Colorado

We will also spot the remnants of a old dredger that is sitting on private property so I tried to find a spot I could get a shot from roadside.

Our last photo stop of the day will be the Taylor Lake Dam

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One response to “2012 – August Weekend Outing – Part 1

  1. apple.e.e-s.

    09/28/2012 at 12:16 PM

    continental divide still amazes me up to this day 🙂


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