2012 – Fall Vacation – Part 2

16 Sep

For our second day of our Fall Vacation we will head back to Marshall Pass, this time in the opposite direction from the past trip.  Again, the Aspen Foliage is in it’s full Golden Colors as we make our way through the mountain valleys.

If you recall from my August 18th post (2012 – August Weekend Outing – Part 2) we video recorded Marshall Pass starting from Sargents, CO to US-285, and this trip we will go the other-way to capture the route heading towards Sargents, CO.  Reminder, this is D&RGW Right-of-Way ofn the days of Steam Engines and Narrow Gauge trains that we are recording.

As we travel back towards Gunnison, CO where we are staying again for this section of our journeys we pass by a property that had D&RGW MOW Car #04408 to find they have added another addition; D&RGW #5900.

Our next destination is to travel over Ohio Pass and as we start our journey we can see in the distance along with more great fall colors.

As we close in on our primary Denver, South Park, and Pacific Railroad location on Ohio Pass I will stop for another Mountain / Aspen Color shot.

The DSP&P Railway started to build Grade and Track from Gunnison, CO (which they reached in 1882) over Ohio Pass with plans to reach the Pacific Ocean.  Construction here ended in 1883 with the grade making over the top of Ohio Pass but track laying never reach there.  In building out the grade, the DSP&P had to build “The Great Rock Wall” which still stands today in it partially built along with some Rock Culverts.  The hike was a bit to rocky for us to take all the way for this trip but maybe I will get back here another day to photograph more of this section.

End of the Line

The Great Rock WallGrade - End of the Line

Grade - End of the LineGrade - Big Balloon Loop

While I walked a section of the Big Balloon Loop over the rocky grade, Lisa stayed back and took some great closeup Aspen shots as well as shots of Castle Mountain from this location.

Ohio PassOhio Pass

We will drive over Kebler Pass before heading to Lake Irwin to have lunch along the shoreline.

Our final stop on this day will be at the Jokerville Mine Memorial in Crested Butte, CO.  On January 24, 1884 a serious mine explosion killed several miners   Some of those killed are buried at this location as well.

Crested ButteCrested Butte

Lisa will also get some great shots of Crested Butte and the Aspens colors here too…

See, this is why Lisa doesn’t mind doing these historic railroad trips as we do travel through some wonderful areas with lots of geology and vista and being Fall, we also get great Leaf Peeper shots of the Aspens


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4 responses to “2012 – Fall Vacation – Part 2

  1. JHaeske

    10/31/2012 at 12:37 PM

    I envy you. Very nice.

    • Stourbridge Lion

      11/02/2012 at 12:28 PM

      We do enjoy exploring our “Backyard” whenever we can; especially this time of year

      • JHaeske

        11/02/2012 at 3:45 PM

        Can I ask you the origin of your blog’s name? Stourbridge’s city in the UK, but you are from Colorado, so how come? Or is there a place called like this in the US too? Thanks J

      • Stourbridge Lion

        11/02/2012 at 5:39 PM


        Yes, there is a story behind my Internet “handle” that is also used in my blog name. Even though I am a multi-generation Colorado native, I have strong interest as a Railfan in a small railroad called “Delaware and Hudson” that operated in Northeastern United States starting in 1823. This historic transportation company was the first in all of North America to operate a railroad Steam Engine; that engine was called Stourbridge Lion and it was built in Stourbridge, UK. In honor of that historic engine I took the Railfan name of Stourbridge Lion and you will find this blog slanted towards Railfanning trips so it seemed fitting to use here too…

        Good question!


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