2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2A

02 Jun

Colorado Midland Railroad

We will start off our second day by driving up Elevenmile Canyon.  Once we turned off into the canyon road, we will be on Colorado Midland Railroad grade so the video camera gets mounted on the dashboard and we head in to record the route; making a few stops along the way…

38.968622° 105.362816°

Our first stop directly related to the Colorado Midland is for the first tunnel which I believe was know as Tunnel #9.  I will take photos of both portals but here is the shot I pick for our travel blog.

38.931458° 105.413715°

We will later pass through this Rock Cut; I don’t know if it had an official name.  Note also the bridge behind it as we will cross over the water at this point as well.

38.941537° 105.403897°

We crossed over a few bridges that were obviously built/rebuilt by the State Highway Department.  This bridge however just beyond the cut has a railroad look to it.  The Bridge does have a State Highway Department tag on it from 1923 but I will do more investigation if it is one of the old RR bridges that the CM once used too…

38.941141° 105.404172°38.941141° 105.404172°

Farther down the canyon we will reach two tunnels close to each other.  Like with the first, I will take a few photos of both portals of each one.  I believe this one was called Tunnel #10 under the Colorado Midland usage.

38.916054° 105.448101°

Making this on likely Tunnel #11 of the Colorado Midland Railway

38.915933° 105.449635°

Afterward driving farther up the canyon we reach the Dam where we can no longer trace the Colorado Midland Right-of-Way.  The route would have continued on along the river to Hartsel, CO

38.904796° 105.475883°


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