2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 4A

04 Jun

On this day we get up early to head back to the Great Sand Dunes National Park to take a hike up to the Overlook.  Great views and some wildlife along the way as well…

Great Sand Dunes

IMG_4317Great Sand Dunes DeerGreat Sand Dunes

We will also stop by the lower area where most folks stop to enjoy the dunes…

Great Sand Dunes

From there we head over to Zapata Falls that we understood was an easy to moderate hike.  Well, the hike had a bit of a grade but not bad but once we got near the waterfall we got a huge shock.  To actually see the falls one has to forge there way up the water itself using cables that were supposed to be bolted into the rocks.  Several bolts were broke and there would be nothing easy to get the falls.  For Lisa this would be a useless hike but since we are here I tired to get upstream without getting hurt and did get at least near enough to the base for a few photos…

Zapata FallsIMG_4446

In the above shot you can see part of the cables attached to the rock.  I was able to get just beyond that are into the hollow area before turning back.  I was wet up to my knees and later found the tennis-shoes I was wearings did not take kindly to getting wet.  Oh well, at least I got a few shots and we can mark this off out bucket list of waterfalls.

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