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Nation Train Day – 2013

Nation Train Day – 2013

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Happy Holidays from RRAdventures

Seasons Greetings!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a special Happy Holidays to our 132 followers and their families!

X-Mas House 2012

X-Mas Seasons Greetings 2012X-Mas Snowman 2012X-Mas Happy Holidays 2012

X-Mas Tree 2012

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A Crummy Gift

A “Crummy” is Railroad slang for a Caboose and that is what I got as a gift on October 17th from a good friend of mine at the office.  Steve knows that I am into trains and he decided to pull an office prank on me by taking an old cardboard box from his new lawnmower and some scrap-wood and build a caboose.  He then hauled it to the office along with tools to make final adjustments and hook it up to my hitch that is an imitation railroad coupler.  Once he had it attached he let the rest of the office in on it and then sprung it on me.

What a laugh!  I truly enjoyed it and would pack it up inside the 4×4 and take it home to get it set back up in the driveway before Lisa knew I was home.  When she saw it she started laughing wondering where the heck I got it at.  She insisted on taking a photo of me with my new train car and she says we should at least keep it until X-Mas to put out with the rest of the display.

So, from Steve’s garage to mine the Caboose goes.  Thanks Steve; it brought a smile and a fun laugh!!!!!!!

My new Yellow Crummy all hitched up and ready to head down the Right-of-Way behind our 4×4…


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Nation Train Day – 2012

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2012 – Wichita Kansas – Part 3

The third day of the trip is GRADUATION DAY and I could not be more proud of my niece!!!!!!!

Afterwards we head for Jose Pepper’s for a celebration meal with all the family and friends that gathered for this event.

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Delaware & Hudson – A Rocky Mountain Empire

Beyond the Trips and Railfanning I’m also into Model trains but not as a prototype.  Specifically, what would have happened if the D&H was not an East Coast railroad but one founded and operated in the Colorado Rocky Mountains as a Western railroad.  I have been collection D&H Model trains for several years now in various scales.  To not overuse this blog, I have set up another specifically to share this collection with any that might have interest as well as document the layout(s) I hope to build someday to display them operationally.  I call my railroad the “Delaware & Hudson – A Rocky Mountain Empire” and you can find it as one of the newly documented “Sister Sites” using the “My Model Railroad” link on the right sidebar.

Stourbridge Lion Steam Engine


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2011 – A Year in Review

With this being that last day of 2011 I thought I might look back at the RRAdventures taken this past year and ask which trips folks enjoyed the most and why.

  1. FEB – 2011: Railfanning North of Town
  2. APR – 2011: San Diego Vacation
  3. MAY – 2011: Tunnel District
  4. MAY – 2011: Eldorado Springs
  5. JUL – 2011: Moffat Route
  6. AUG – 2011: A Day Out with Mark
  7. SEP – 2011: September Outing
  8. OCT – 2011: October Outing

For my current 82 Followers and their family and friends as well as all the other readers;


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Happy Holidays from RRAdventures

Seasons Greetings!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a special Happy Holidays to our 76 followers and their families!



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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to take a moment today to give thanks to my 21 active followers as well as all the other readers of my blog.  I just started using WordPress in late September 2011 and already have nearly 900 views.  I should have all my historical blog entries from other sites consolidated here in the next few weeks.  I hope everyone was a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

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