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World Travel – England 2004 – Part IV

We next toured London itself; some by a guided tour and some by ourselves. If you have never been to London taking a “City Tour” is a great way to get a lay of the land then don’t be afraid to then set out on your own to see sites in detail. Lot’s and lot’s of great buildings line the streets. Here and there are Statues / Monuments that might surprise you when you read the plaques on who they are!

St. James’s Palace

St. Margaret’s
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben
Parliament Building

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Central Hall

Victoria & Albert Museum

Natural History Museum

of the
Boy Scout

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World Travel – Scotland 2002 – Part II

There is much more to Edinburgh than just the castle so here is a few more shots to share of the sites around the Scottish city…

Palace of Holyrood
House & Abbey

Balmoral Hotel


St. Giles Gathedral

Highland Tolbooth Kirk

St. John’s Church

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World Travel – Scotland 2002 – Part I

We quickly leave London, England and head “North” to Scotland. Our plans are to see some of my ancestral homelands as I’m part of the “Scott” and “Ross” Clans from many generations ago.

First major stop is Edinburgh Castle:

The Poachers
Durham, England

Jedburgh Abbey

Edinburgh Castle

Firth of Forth

Forth Road Bridge

Edinburgh Castle
May 29

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