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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#10d

I continue to track down more RR items on my list in La Junta, CO with several items are all grouped together. First item is the BNSF Signal Deportment Office, also here is the old AT&SF Passenger Depot now used by Amtrak and BNSF. I also find another build marked as AT&SF but not sure what it was historically. Also will grab a few BNSF roster shots

Just down the road is also the old AT&SF Freight Depot…

Over at McDonald’s is a Caboose that I understand is AT&SF #999645 even though there are no markings left on it…

My last items on my list take me into residential territory as these are depots from other places that have been moved here are turned into homes. The first one is the Fort Lyon Depot that you can still see it’s Combination layout. The other two are the Combination Depot from Cheraw and McClave that have been combined together into a home.

Well, that’s the end of my daylight and we will pack up and head out of La Junta come morning for one last day of travel towards home…


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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#07a

On this day we pack up and move to our next base camp to Wichita, KS; but, it will take us the entire day to get there with all the stops planned.

First stop, Topeka!!!!!!!

We first head for the AT&SF Passenger Depot which is now used by Amtrak. It’s also near the railroad faculties operated today by BNSF.

We will next head around the BNSF Facility to find the old AT&SF Bridge and in doing so we will find a Santa Fe Rotary Snow Plow; Score!!!!!!!

Next we head over into Union Pacific territory by finding the Great Overland Station and then track down the UP Bridge that also spans the Kansas River.

We had one more place to locate in Topeka; the Old Prairie Town Museum (Ward-Med Historic Site). Here we find the Ex-Pauline, KS AT&SF Combination Depot as well as Caboose #1552.

Time to head for the next stop…

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#06

On this day, we strike out easterly from Kansas City. We take a short drive along Cliff Drive Missouri State Scenic Byway for both the scenic drive and was also told there are good photograph points over the yard. Found lots of trees and the few place I saw the yard it wasn’t worth taking any shots.

Missouri State Scenic Byway

We then head for Independence, MO to visit the National Frontier Trails Museum and Lisa and I both had family that traveled west by wagon train.

Next door to the museum is the Chicago & Alton Railroad Depot that also has a second floor where the Station Master family lived. Got a great tour by the caretakers!!! Also here in town is the MoPac Depot that today is the Amtrak Station (a.k.a. Truman Depot) and they have a MoPac Caboose sitting outside.

After taking in lunch, we head for Buckner, MO. Here we track down the MoPac Combination Depot. To our surprise we also find a MoPac Caboose sitting with it…

It’s marked “Sedalia Yards Only” as in Sadalia, MO so it’s a few miles from home.

Our last destination of the day is Lexington, MO where we first visit the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site (Civil War).

Civil War

We also track down the “Madonna of the Trail” for Missouri that is related to wagon trail history.


We have to take an interesting back road to get to the CB&Q Combination Depot put we found it as well.

Back to Kansas City and to our hotel in Overland Park. We will need our rest before taking on Day #07…

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2010: Railfanning West of Town

Lisa and I once again escaped the heat of the city and traveled west into the hills to gather more RR photographic inventory for RRAdventures as well as to just enjoy cooler weather that the mountains give us this time of year.

We started off heading over Berthoud Pass (11,307ft) and did a little hiking along the Centennial Divide.

Continental Divide

We next headed for Winter Park to attempt to locate the the Denver and Salt Lake (D&RGW) Depot that is said to still exist. We are told it had been moved / altered and is now a private home. We were unable to locate it…

We next headed for Fraser to attempt to locate the D&RGW Depot there which too is listed as moved / altered and now a private home. Once again, no luck… We did how ever stop and officially photograph the Amtrak station.

As we headed for Fraser, we did catch some UP action along the way near County Road 83.

Next we headed for Granby to photograph both the Amtrak and the D&RGW Depots that sit side by side…

Our next stop was Hot Sulphur Springs to visit the Pioneer Village Museum to take photos of the RR equipment they have there plus record information the have that was RR related too…

Lastly we traveled to Frisco where we had heard a rumor that an Engine was also going to be hidden inside a store like D&RGW#120 is. Well, we found no engine but we did find that D&RGW#120 has been moved to the rear of the store to the point it’s partially now outside. The way it was moved it does make me wonder if the engine will be heading for the same store and placed ahead of the car; but, only time will tell…

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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#5

We start out on this day by going up the side of the mountain to tour the “Glenwood Springs Caverns Adventure Park” which I would find out was now owned by a guy I went to college with. During the tour it opens up on the side of the cliff and looking down we caught a Coal Train passing through Glenwood Canyon.

After the tour we walked to downtown Glenwood Springs to take a few photographs; especially of the Depot and the Spa.

We checked at the station and both the West & East bound trains were running late as usual and the museum was closed. So, we decided to take a nice drive down Glenwood Canyon to take some scenic shots.

Well, wouldn’t you know it; the West Bound Amtrak shows up and we could barely get to a stopping point to catch some shots.

Wouldn’t you know it again, after we left that spot the East Bound shows up and we do our best to catch it. We actually did in a few places!
After reaching the east end of Glenwood Canyon we turned around to drive back to Glenwood Springs. Along the way we saw a UP Truck on the highway and then we got a crew on the tracks. Remember in my previous blog “Here is just a teaser of what we found but not the only thing“, that other piece we found operating along with others including this truck.
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2008: Amtrak (California Zephyr)

In June we took off on a Amtrak (2008) RRAdventures rail trip aboard the California Zephyr. We started our trip at Denver UNION Station and headed west towards Emeryville, CA. This is a two-day trip and we got ourselves a Roomette on one of the sleepers. It was a wonderful trip but as usual, UP caused various delays but that just added more time on the train so what the heck!

Once we got to Emeryville, CA we got off the train and spent the night in a wonder hotel right next to the tracks that I took advantage of including a night shot of the station. Come morning the train had been serviced and ready to head east and we got ready to board again. To our surprise we had a couple of “extra” cars add to the rear of the train. A private tour had added a sleeper as well as a beautiful Dome car to our roster.

As we headed east it again took us two days to get back to Denver (with even more UP delays) and again at some stops we could get off the train for a few minutes. At our Grand Junction stop I took several photographs around the station including one of BN Caboose 12517 that I later saw another TB member post that was taken on the same day from the same spot only hours apart from each other.

When my TrainBoard RRAdventures topic on this trip begins there will be a great deal of photographs and Video clips for folks to enjoy; including a surprises even I didn’t expect to see on this trip.

DAY #1

DAY #2

DAY #3

DAY #4
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Video – Green Mountain Railroad 2003


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