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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#08

It’s day eight of our trip and today we meet up with my niece and the three of us head for Hutchinson, KS. Our morning activity is to tour the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. At the surface is old Engine No. 2 now sitting as Static Display and I find lots more RR stuff underground that I will share in a future in a trip report.

After stopping for lunch, we head over to the Cosmosphere which is a great Space Museum.
Hutchinson, KS
It is the home of the Liberty Bell and Apollo 13 space capsules.
Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Before leaving Hutchinson and heading back to Wichita for Dinner, Games, and Sleep we track down the AT&SF Freight Depot that is here and also find a modern BNSF office across the street from it.

Day #9 coming soon…

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#07b

After leaving Topeka, he head down the Flint Hills Nation Scenic Byway working our way to Council Grove, Kansas. Here we track down the MKT (Katy) Combination Depot. Next to it is the Sylvan Park Ranch “Private” Depot. This is the last depot of its kind know to exist. Behind it is a MoPac Caboose…

We then head over to another section of town to track down the MoPac Freight Depot.

Here to is the Kansas Madonna of the Trail we also wanted to track down.


We will also track down Kaw Indian – Guardian of the Grove Statue and also locate the Neosho River Crossing of the Santa Fe Trail that also has a historic Wagon there as well.

Kaw Indian

Our next stop is Strong City, Kansas. Here we track down the AT&SF Combination Depot and luck be with us again and spot a Santa Fe Caboose sitting in a park near by. We also spot a bridge that is marked and stopped and got a shot of it too!!!

From there we stop in Cottonwood Falls for lunch and I spot a BNSF Rail-Truck outside the Court House. Have camera, take shot…

We head down the road again stopping at Schrumpf Hill Overlook. Nice place to get a feel for what the Kansas Plains once looked like with the Tall Grass all around.

Tall Grass

We then reach El Dorado, Kansas to track down the MoPac Combination Depot. We also stop at the Butler County History Center & Kansas Oil Museum and within all the displays, we also find a Tanker Car!

We head for Wichita, Kansas to meet up with family for dinner and games and then call it at night as this is out next base camp..

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#07a

On this day we pack up and move to our next base camp to Wichita, KS; but, it will take us the entire day to get there with all the stops planned.

First stop, Topeka!!!!!!!

We first head for the AT&SF Passenger Depot which is now used by Amtrak. It’s also near the railroad faculties operated today by BNSF.

We will next head around the BNSF Facility to find the old AT&SF Bridge and in doing so we will find a Santa Fe Rotary Snow Plow; Score!!!!!!!

Next we head over into Union Pacific territory by finding the Great Overland Station and then track down the UP Bridge that also spans the Kansas River.

We had one more place to locate in Topeka; the Old Prairie Town Museum (Ward-Med Historic Site). Here we find the Ex-Pauline, KS AT&SF Combination Depot as well as Caboose #1552.

Time to head for the next stop…

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#05

On this day we start out our day in Baldwin City, Kansas to locate the Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park which is a Pre-Civil War site.

From there we head to Ottawa, Kansas to find the AT&SF Combination and Office Depot. Lots of Railroad items inside as well as a Model Layout based on the region. Also found some historical photographs of other stations.

We head for Olathe, Kansas next Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm. Found some railroad historical information there as well.

Our main stop for the day is the National World War I Museum in Kansas City. This is a massive place that would take days to fully take in. Part of the museum is a tall memorial tower.

What do you know, UNION Station is right below us. I know there is lots to see in UNION Station but we won’t have time this trip but I do hope to get back someday…

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#04b

Day #4 Continued…

Next stop is Atchison, KS where we first stop at the County Museum that is the AT&SF Freight Depot; they have some RR memorabilia inside along with other historical items.

Right next to the AT&SF Freight is the Atchison Rail Museum and UP Shops

We next travel down the road a bit to track down the AT&SF Passenger Depot and the AT&SF Swing Bridge is also near it.

We will spend some time here also to visit the Mount Vernon Cemetery where some of my family that live here are buried.

As we head back to the hotel we catch several BNSF Coal trains including this one near Rushville, MO

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#03

After spending time in the Hays Kansas area, we again head East towards Overland, Kansas.

During our travels, we first stop in Victoria to visit the Cathedral of the Plains and the German Immigrant Statue there.

While in town we learned about a Union Pacific Cemetery that was created for Six (6) Track Laborers that were killed by Cheyenne Indians around October 1867. Is hidden in a small grove just around the corner from the UP Bridge that cross over the road.

Our next stop was in Marquette, KS where we hiked around an area know locally as Mushroom Rock State Park. There are some neat geological formation there

We then head to Silina, KS where we first visit the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure. This is a unique museum they have here with their zoo that is setup as real life displays of wildlife from around the world with some animation. Extreme real looking!

We then turn back to railroad hunting and spend allot of time tracking down several RR Passenger and Freight stations here in Silina.

UP / ATSF Passenger

ATSF Freight

MoPac Freight

MoPac Passenger

UP Freight

I also caught a Kansas and Oklahoma engine near the ATSF Freight that they now use…

Lastly we travel over to Kenwood Park to find UP#477

From there we make our way to Overland, KS which will be our base camp for several days.

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2010: Railfanning South of Town; Part II / Day#2

On our second of our four-day trip, we once again headed up Highway 24 and reached Divide where we located their Colorado Midland Depot that they are now trying to preserve.

From there we headed into Cripple Creek to visit their new Pikes Peak Heritage Center that includes historical material from their history including some neat RR displays I will show more later in a future RRAdventures Trip Report.

Railroad Maps

We then traveled to Victor and drove into Phantom Canyon which was once where the Florence and Cripple Creek RR route was; more of this in a future RRAdventures Trip Report too.

Once we reach the other end of the canyon in Canon City, it was back to looking for more surviving RR history. Our first stop was to locate a bank that was once the D&RGW Depot here…

From there we headed to the Dinosaur Depot Museum that sits inside the old Fire House across from the Rio Gorge Railway.

We spotted lots of old RR equipment in a yard near by and also found two Rock and Rail engines sitting there…

We did not take the Rio Gorge Railway train this time but I did take a few photos including this shot of the old AT&SF Depot they use today.

From there we headed to Florence to track down two depots that still survive there. The first was the AT&SF depot that is now a private home and the second was the D&RGW depot now a Senior Center.

Our final destination for Day#2 was to head to Portland to find a bridge on State Route 120 that we were told still had D&RGW markings. Found the bridge but didn’t see any markings on it but there was a D&RGW Trespassing sign in front of it. We could only take a few quick shots and clear the area as the best angle was from on the highway bridge itself…

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2010: Railfanning South of Town

Lisa and I went out on July 31st to track down more RR Stations that we have not photographed with a long list still to go.

On this day we will add to our photograph inventory the following locations in Colorado

  1. D&RGW – Castle Rock
  2. AT&SF – Castle Rock
  3. AT&SF – Sedalia
  4. AT&SF – Palmer Lake (Ex-Larkspur)

After we left Sedalia and heading towards Palmer Lake we came across a couple of strange cows in a field and when I say strange I mean Camels!  Not something you expect to find in Colorado but yet here they were…

During on travels we passed under the Rio Grande Bridge at Monument, CO as a BNSF Coal Train passed by. Time to stop for a few shots

We would then send some time at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry which also has some nice RR equipment there related to the Mining Industry; one they enjoy running up and down a small section of track.

Our last stop of the day would be in Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak Municipal Street Railway (they seem to go by various names here) which also has lots of other RR equipment around. The highlight here is a ride on one of their operational Trolleys.

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