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2011: September Outing

Lisa and I just recently took a long weekend getaway down to Colorado Springs that we used as a base camp for various day trips in the region.

We started the day touring the Garden of the Gods

Toured Miramont Castle.

This wasn’t planned to be RR destinations but what did I find in the castle!

For dinner we went to The Airplane Restaurant and ate inside Boeing KC-97 tanker (Texas Air Guard #30283 / US Air Force #283) which was a used to fuel fighters.

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World Travel – Turkey in Europe (Istanbul) 2007

Now on our small cruise ship, cross the Aegean Sea and enter the channel passing Çanakkale, Turkey until we reach the Sea of Marmara before docking in Istanbul, Turkey; on the Europe side. We spend time visiting the major sites such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Masque, and Topkapi Palace. We did cross over the bride to the Asian side by bus but I will count that via another blog entry later…

Near Çanakkale, Turkey

Hagia Sophia

Blue Masque

Blue Masque

Topkapi Palace
Istanbul, Turkey

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part V

After completing our trip on the Rein River we board our bus and travel to Koln/Cologne Germany. Along the way we still spot more castles, some that are large in size. Once we reach Koln we visited the famous Cologne Cathedral and see some of the ancient artifacts that are contained there.

Marksburg Castle
Braubach, Germany

Cologne Cathedral
Koln, Germany

Cologne Cathedral
Koln, Germany

Shrine of the
Three Holy Kings
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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part IV

We reach St. Goar and board a bout for a sightseeing cruise down the Rein River until we reach Boppard where our bus will be waiting for us. All along the way we got to see more castles from the unique view of the waterway.

St. Goar, Germany

Katz Castle

Rheinfels Fortress

The Loreley

Maus Castle
Wellmich, Germany

The Hostile Brothers
Sterrenberg & Liebenstein Castles
Kamp-Bornhofen, Germany

Prince Elector’s Castle
Boppard, Germany

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part III

As we travel to our next destination we pass castle after castle; something Germany is famous for as well.

Ehrenfels Castle Ruin
Near Bingen, Germany

Sooneck Castle
Near Lorch, Germany

Schonburg Castle
Near Oberwesel, Germany

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part II

Next we stopped off at Heidelburg to tour its famous castle. While touring we learned how the castle was expanded by each generation before it was ruined. It was nearly lost to time before the city found great uses for it; one being tourism…

Bridge House

Gate Tower

Friedrich Building

Ottheinrich Building

Hall of Mirrors

Ruprecht Building

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World Travel – Italy 2004 – Part V

When you think of Rome I’m sure most think of some very specific places and yes we did spend time visiting these places. Did you know that in the Roman Colosseum that staged “Navel” Battles? Yes, I mean they filled the Colosseum with water, put two of more ships inside and staged a fight. They also were able to cover the Colosseum just like they do today in modern football stadiums; and it was the Navy crews that did the work as well. Who would have thought!

Arch of Constantine

The Forum Area

Temple of Vesta


Circus Maximus
(Ben Hur!)

Castel Sant’Angelo

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