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World Travel – Turkey in Asia (Anatolia, Ankara, Izmir)

Our next Port of Call officially puts us on the Asia side of Turkey; making port in Kuşadası Turkey. High on the hill over-looking the port is the statue of Atatürk. Our goal at this port is to head to the town of Kusadasi to visit the ruins of Ephesus. The most famous structure here is the Celsus Library. The Gospel of John might have been written here.

Atatürk Statue
Kuşadası, Turkey

Kusadasi, Turkey

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World Travel – Dodecanese Is. (Rhodes) – Part I

Now we sail to the island of Patmos that is part of the 12 Greek Dodecanese Islands; the largest being Rhodes. Here we visit the Cave of the Apocalypse where it is believed to mark the spot where St. John received his visions from Christ that he recorded in the Book of Revelation.

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World Travel – Greece 2007 – Part III

Over the next several days we continue to explore different section of Greece seeing more ancient places along side modern. In this section of the trip we stay in Olympia right near the train station. Afterwards we head north to leave Dytiki Ellada but we first stop in Patra Greece for lunch and visit a very old Cathedral and right next to it the more modern Basilica; both of which where just fantastic on the inside. We then cross the Rion-Antirion Bridge on our way to Delphi where we spend a couple of days and the hotel had some wonderful views. The ruins and museum here are also fantastic. We then head north on a very unusual place, the Monasteries of Meteora. Here monks have built over time some very unique places “HIGH” on top on vertical rocky outcroppings. They allow visitors in a few of them where you see some of the oldest Greek Orthodox painted churches that have even been scared by old battles that took place on these secluded locations. After that we return to Athens to continue of tour; this time on a small cruise ship!!!

******* April 30 *******

Olympia, Greece

Olympia (Ολυμπία)

******* May 1 *******

St Andrew’s Cathedral
Patra, Greece

St Andrew’s Basilica

Rion-Antirion Bridge

Delphi (Δελφοί)

Delphi, Greece

******* May 2 *******

Delphi (Δελφοί)

Delphi (Δελφοί)

******* May 3 *******

Monasteries of Meteora

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World Travel – Mexico (Sonora) 2006 – Part I

In April 2006 we use again traveled into Mexico. Our tour began in Phoenix, AZ and we traveled to Tucson to visit San Xavier Mission Church. After crossing the border at Nogalles we stopped in Hermosillo where we enjoyed the beauty of the Catedral di Hermosillo and the Government Palace. By night fall we reached San Carlos and watched the sunset over the Sea of Cortez.

San Xavier Mission Church

Catedral de Hermosillo

Sonora State
Governmental Palace

Sea of Cortez
View from Plaza Hotel

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part V

After completing our trip on the Rein River we board our bus and travel to Koln/Cologne Germany. Along the way we still spot more castles, some that are large in size. Once we reach Koln we visited the famous Cologne Cathedral and see some of the ancient artifacts that are contained there.

Marksburg Castle
Braubach, Germany

Cologne Cathedral
Koln, Germany

Cologne Cathedral
Koln, Germany

Shrine of the
Three Holy Kings
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World Travel – Italy 2004 – Part IX

Before we leave Florence we walk to yet one more plaza and visit its wonderful church where there just happens to be a couple of interesting folks that are buried inside.

Basilica of Santa Croce

Basilica of Santa Croce

Michelangelo Buonarotti’s

Galileo Galilei’s

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World Travel – Italy 2004 – Part IV

We now head back to Rome passing more ancient Temples and other old Roman sites before reaching the Basilica of St. Peter in Chains that has a famous piece of sculpture as part of its decor.

Temple of
Fortuna Virilis

Temple of
Hercules Victor

Palatine Hill

Basilica of
St. Peter in Chains

statue of Moses

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World Travel – England 2004 – Part IV

We next toured London itself; some by a guided tour and some by ourselves. If you have never been to London taking a “City Tour” is a great way to get a lay of the land then don’t be afraid to then set out on your own to see sites in detail. Lot’s and lot’s of great buildings line the streets. Here and there are Statues / Monuments that might surprise you when you read the plaques on who they are!

St. James’s Palace

St. Margaret’s
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben
Parliament Building

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Central Hall

Victoria & Albert Museum

Natural History Museum

of the
Boy Scout

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World Travel – Scotland 2002 – Part XI

As we approach are final days in Scotland we pull into Glasgow.

Glasgow Cathedral

Burns Cottage

Auld Kirk, Alloway

Burns Monument

Bridge O’Doon

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World Travel – Scotland 2002 – Part VIII

We catch a few more sites around Orkney Island, see a few castles from a distance, and then jump over to Isle of Skye to experience some more Sottish History…

St Magnus Cathedral

St Magnus Cathedral

Ruins of Earl’s Palace

Italian Chapel

Italian Chapel

Castle of Mey

Ardvreck Castle

Bridge to the Isle of Skye
June 3

Skye Museum of Island Life
June 4

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