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Delaware & Hudson – A Rocky Mountain Empire

Beyond the Trips and Railfanning I’m also into Model trains but not as a prototype.  Specifically, what would have happened if the D&H was not an East Coast railroad but one founded and operated in the Colorado Rocky Mountains as a Western railroad.  I have been collection D&H Model trains for several years now in various scales.  To not overuse this blog, I have set up another specifically to share this collection with any that might have interest as well as document the layout(s) I hope to build someday to display them operationally.  I call my railroad the “Delaware & Hudson – A Rocky Mountain Empire” and you can find it as one of the newly documented “Sister Sites” using the “My Model Railroad” link on the right sidebar.

Stourbridge Lion Steam Engine


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2003: Delaware and Hudson (180th)

With the DHVM so successful I found that finding my personal collection of photographs I have taken difficult to find; even for me. So, I have started setting up sections on my RRAdventures site to highlight my personal photographs there too. These are the exact same photographs but now can be found based on the year they were taken.

RRAdventures Website: Delaware and Hudson {180th}

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2000: Delaware and Hudson (PA’s Return)

RRAdventures Website: Delaware and Hudson (PA’s Return)

Back on March 28, 2000 2 of the 4 D&H PA’s that went down to Mexico came back to be restored. I got really lucky and found them just as they crossed the MX/US border and were sitting in the BNSF Mobest Yard and the Yard Master let me in to take photographs of them.


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1998: Steamtown National Historic Site

RRAdventures Website: Steamtown National Historic Site

On a very “Rainy” day of October 8th, 1998 we got a chance to take a quick tour of this wonderful historic site and to my surprise I also found a D&H Flanger (#36037) on the site too. Oh yes, and this small little engine too…

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1998: Delaware and Hudson (175th)

Our very first Delaware & Hudson Railfan Trip was taken in October of 1998. The goal was to photograph as many Stations / Depots in New York / Pennsylvania as we could located as well as other D&H historical sites. It was also a perfect time of year to be a “Leaf Peeper” too.
RRAdventure Website: Delaware & Hudson {175th}

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