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World Travel – England 2004 – Part V

We leave London and prepare to leave England by boat over the English Channel. Here we see Dover Castle as we pass by in our tour bus and the famous White Cliffs of Dover from aboard our ferry.


Dover Castle

White Cliffs of Dover

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World Travel – England 2004 – Part IV

We next toured London itself; some by a guided tour and some by ourselves. If you have never been to London taking a “City Tour” is a great way to get a lay of the land then don’t be afraid to then set out on your own to see sites in detail. Lot’s and lot’s of great buildings line the streets. Here and there are Statues / Monuments that might surprise you when you read the plaques on who they are!

St. James’s Palace

St. Margaret’s
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben
Parliament Building

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Central Hall

Victoria & Albert Museum

Natural History Museum

of the
Boy Scout

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World Travel – England 2004 – Part III

Our next major stop is Bath, England. Did you know that the Roman’s had one of their finest hot baths here in England? The Abby here has been ruined several times at yet another one gets built bigger then the one before. Talk about crop circles, here you find folks that have made Horse’s in the chalk! After that we visited a very old heritage site, bet you know which one…


Royal Crescent

Bath Abby

Roman Bath’s

Westbury White Horse


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World Travel – England 2004 – Part II

Our next major stop was to visit the Tower of London.


Middle Tower 

Traitor’s Gate 

Bloody Tower 

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2004: Vacation to Europe

RRAdventures Topic on TrainBoard: Railroad Adventures (RRAdventures) – European Vacation 2004 (Revisited w/ Video!!!)

RRAdventures Website: European Vacation

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World Travel – England 2004 – Part I

We begin our version of European Vacation as we return to England, this time to actually tour the area, and then assault mainland Europe.

In Part I of England (2004) we begin by getting settled into our hotel and get our feet wet with the “Tube” as we learn how to move about London.

Copthorne Tara Hotel

High Street
Kensington Station

High Street
Kensington Station

Victoria Station

Victoria Station

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Tower Bridge

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World Travel – England 2002

A new year and a new adventure; this time we jump across the “pond” for the first time in our lives. We land in London England a catch a few sites; but, this is not the purpose of this trip…

London Phone Booths

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Albert Memorial

Italian Garden
in Hyde Park

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