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Happy Holidays from RRAdventures

Seasons Greetings!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a special Happy Holidays to our 132 followers and their families!

X-Mas House 2012

X-Mas Seasons Greetings 2012X-Mas Snowman 2012X-Mas Happy Holidays 2012

X-Mas Tree 2012

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2012 – Wichita Kansas – Part 3

The third day of the trip is GRADUATION DAY and I could not be more proud of my niece!!!!!!!

Afterwards we head for Jose Pepper’s for a celebration meal with all the family and friends that gathered for this event.

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2011 – A Year in Review

With this being that last day of 2011 I thought I might look back at the RRAdventures taken this past year and ask which trips folks enjoyed the most and why.

  1. FEB – 2011: Railfanning North of Town
  2. APR – 2011: San Diego Vacation
  3. MAY – 2011: Tunnel District
  4. MAY – 2011: Eldorado Springs
  5. JUL – 2011: Moffat Route
  6. AUG – 2011: A Day Out with Mark
  7. SEP – 2011: September Outing
  8. OCT – 2011: October Outing

For my current 82 Followers and their family and friends as well as all the other readers;


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Happy Holidays from RRAdventures

Seasons Greetings!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a special Happy Holidays to our 76 followers and their families!



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2010: Denver Zoo Lights Train

Lisa and I took in another Holiday Light display, this time at the Denver Zoo along with my niece.

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#10a

On Day #10, we pull up camp in Wichita and take a slow drive towards La Junta, CO; making a ton of RR stops along the way.

Our first stop will be in Kingman, KS where we track down the AT&SF Combination Depot which is now used by the Central Kansas Railway and I also bag Hopper FINX #10573

From there we travel to Cunningham, KS to find the AT&SF Combination Depot there.

Next we head over to Pratt, KS to find the next AT&SF Combination depot along this route.

As we passed through Mullinville, KS I found a road side display calling itself the “World’s Largest Coffee Collection”
Mullinville, KS

We reach Dodge City next. Here we find the AT&SF Passenger and Freight Depots and Santa Fe Caboose #999014 all close by to each other.

Down the street is the “Boot Hill” museum.  From the outside it looks like a Tourist Trap but besides the “cemetery” there are building that are very much worth going into as they have lots of historical items to view and read about the history of this area.  As for “Boot Hill” itself well…

Dodge City, KS

Als on their property they have the AT&SF Combination Depot from Sitka, KS as well as AT&SF Steam Engine #1139

We stop for lunch at Arby’s and I catch one more RR shot before we head to our next stop…

As we head east out of Dodge City along US50 we come across an area where the Santa Fe Trail Wagon Wheel tracks can still be seen.
Between Dodge City and Cimarron, KS along US50
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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#09

On our 9th day, we will tour around Wichita itself. We planned to go to the Zoo early with my niece and her roommate; but, the roommate is a bit slow getting going. So, Lisa and I head downtown on a Depot hunt! Yep we got a nice haul all in one spot; (1) KCM&O from Runnymede, KS, (2) Rock Island Passenger, (3) Rock Island Baggage, and (4) UNION Station

The girls are now dressed and ready so off to the zoo we go. After getting our personal tour of the place we stop for lunch.

Wichita, KS

Now it’s my turn and I take the girls back downtown to the Great Plains Transportation Museum. It was great fun to share my hobby with them as they explored the various railroad equipment with me. Lisa also makes sure we captured a shot of my niece and me together!

I take the girls out to dinner too. From there the girls take Lisa and I over to see the Keeper of the Plains monument which is a massive Native American statue they light up with fires and night. The girls also give us a tour of their campus before calling it a night and get some needed sleep.

Wichita, KS

Day #10 will be another travel day with lots of RR hunting as we start heading for home…

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2010: My new RR Chase Car

With the ’88 Jeep Cherokee seeing its last Railfan trip after it’s engine gave out, it was time to get a new 4×4. So, (*Drum Role*) I took advantage of some Memorial Day incentives and purchased a 2010 Nissan XTerra S as my new RR Chase Car…


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2010: Colorado Railroad Museum – Goosefest

National Train Day Weekend is spent at the Colorado Railroad Museum at Goosefest. I will also take my first Cab Ride in #6; video coming later…

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2009: Colorado Railroad Museum – Pile Driver

This weekend the CRRM had D&RGW OB Pile Driver being demonstrated while Shay#12 operated around the track. It was a cool winter day that added to show. Keep your eye out for a future RRAdventures Topic as there will be lots of shots & Video! of all the action…


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