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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#03

After spending time in the Hays Kansas area, we again head East towards Overland, Kansas.

During our travels, we first stop in Victoria to visit the Cathedral of the Plains and the German Immigrant Statue there.

While in town we learned about a Union Pacific Cemetery that was created for Six (6) Track Laborers that were killed by Cheyenne Indians around October 1867. Is hidden in a small grove just around the corner from the UP Bridge that cross over the road.

Our next stop was in Marquette, KS where we hiked around an area know locally as Mushroom Rock State Park. There are some neat geological formation there

We then head to Silina, KS where we first visit the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure. This is a unique museum they have here with their zoo that is setup as real life displays of wildlife from around the world with some animation. Extreme real looking!

We then turn back to railroad hunting and spend allot of time tracking down several RR Passenger and Freight stations here in Silina.

UP / ATSF Passenger

ATSF Freight

MoPac Freight

MoPac Passenger

UP Freight

I also caught a Kansas and Oklahoma engine near the ATSF Freight that they now use…

Lastly we travel over to Kenwood Park to find UP#477

From there we make our way to Overland, KS which will be our base camp for several days.

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World Travel – Greece 2007 – Part VI

We return to mainland Greece, this time to a different hotel in Athens with a different view of the Acropolis. We enjoy another evening including stopping by our favorite restaurant. There were some great night shots of the city we took from the roof. Come morning we left for the airport and returned to the US via Germany.


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World Travel – Greece 2007 – Part I

We reach our 25th entry on the Travelers’ Century ClubCountry List” on April 24, 2007 when we arrive in Athens, Greece (via a stop over in Germany). We spent until April 27 right in Athens seeing most of the major ruins and a few trains too; but that’s another story…


Temple of Hephaestus

Tower of the Four Winds

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Stoa of Eumenes

Olympic Stadium Games in 1896

Panagia Hrysospiliotissa
Chapel of our Lady of the Cavern

Ancient Agora

Theatre of Dionysus

Temple of Zeus


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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part V

After completing our trip on the Rein River we board our bus and travel to Koln/Cologne Germany. Along the way we still spot more castles, some that are large in size. Once we reach Koln we visited the famous Cologne Cathedral and see some of the ancient artifacts that are contained there.

Marksburg Castle
Braubach, Germany

Cologne Cathedral
Koln, Germany

Cologne Cathedral
Koln, Germany

Shrine of the
Three Holy Kings
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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part IV

We reach St. Goar and board a bout for a sightseeing cruise down the Rein River until we reach Boppard where our bus will be waiting for us. All along the way we got to see more castles from the unique view of the waterway.

St. Goar, Germany

Katz Castle

Rheinfels Fortress

The Loreley

Maus Castle
Wellmich, Germany

The Hostile Brothers
Sterrenberg & Liebenstein Castles
Kamp-Bornhofen, Germany

Prince Elector’s Castle
Boppard, Germany

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part III

As we travel to our next destination we pass castle after castle; something Germany is famous for as well.

Ehrenfels Castle Ruin
Near Bingen, Germany

Sooneck Castle
Near Lorch, Germany

Schonburg Castle
Near Oberwesel, Germany

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part II

Next we stopped off at Heidelburg to tour its famous castle. While touring we learned how the castle was expanded by each generation before it was ruined. It was nearly lost to time before the city found great uses for it; one being tourism…

Bridge House

Gate Tower

Friedrich Building

Ottheinrich Building

Hall of Mirrors

Ruprecht Building

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World Travel – Germany 2004 – Part I

Next stop is Munich where we enjoy some local food and liquid refreshment. Then we gathered in the Marienplatz just before the top of the hour to watch and listen to their famous Musical Clock…

Isar Gate

Neues Rathaus

Neues Rathaus

Mary’s Column

Altes Rathaus



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2004: Vacation to Europe

RRAdventures Topic on TrainBoard: Railroad Adventures (RRAdventures) – European Vacation 2004 (Revisited w/ Video!!!)

RRAdventures Website: European Vacation

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