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2011: Railfanning North of Town

Time for a new season of RRAdventures to begin. On Saturday Lisa wanted to get out of the house so I grabbed my camera, she grabbed some travel material and off we went for the day.

First stop is Louisville, CO where we tracked down the tracked down the old Colorado and Southern depot.

We then drive into Lyons that I have passed through more times as a kid and didn’t know the RR was ever here. Well, it did and we photographs the Denver, Utah and Pacific (DUP)

As we head towards Estes Park we stop for some mountain shots. Once in town we have lunch and some shopping then head through Big Thompson Canyon.

Still not ready to head home, Lisa suggests we head for Greeley to get the UP depot there we missed in 2008 due to A/C issues with the car.

While I was taking shots of the depot Lisa noticed some odd-looking passenger cars a block over. So, we hopped over and I also found an unknown boxcar there as well. I will share photos of the passenger cars later and maybe someone can tell me more about them…

We also spot a building labeled Greeley Freight Station Museum. I don’t believe the building is a RR Freight Depot and we didn’t have time to explore it this trip.

I will also catch a UP Freight train passing by this building and was able to switch to video mode just in time. The UP engineer also tooted the horn a bit extra for me as he passed. Nice!

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