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World Travel – Canada (Alberta / British Columbia) 1978

You might recall another blog entry (1978: Nevada City, MT) there was more to this trip that also took my family into Canada for the second time. This time we visited various places in both Alberta and British Columbia such as these shown below.

Jasper National Park
Athabasca Glacier
Alberta Canada

Someday I how to get back to this exact spot and see what the Glacier looks like now; if it even exists anymore

Hell’s Gate
B. C. Canada

If you area afraid of heights then don’t get near this place. Not only is there the height issue but the spinning waters of the whirlpools might be to much for you.

Fable Cottage Estate

Sadly, this little place I learn tonight no longer exists. The house itself was purchased and moved and turn into a Bed and Breakfast but that is all that is left of this once landmark near Victoria Canada.

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