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2013 – Rocky Mountain National Park – Part 2a

On on second day we head into an area know as Bear Lake and with our early morning start we catch one of the reasons for this name…

RMNP - Black Bear

We will reach the trail head at ~7:30AM and take the left path where most that travel here go right to Bear Lake itself and then turn back.

RMNP - Bear Lake Trail Head

Our first planned photo stop is Nymph Lake which takes us about 20 minute to reach since do stop to enjoy the views and take photos along the way,

Nymph Lake

About an hour into our morning hike, we reach a point on this path where you can split off toward Lake Haiyaha as well as Bear Lake but we are not headed toward either on this hike.

RMNP - Trail Route

We will reach Dream Lake a few minutes later…

RMNP - Dream Lake

Onto Emerald Lake next which puts us about 2 hours into the hike now.  Yea, a slow pace but we enjoy the journey as much as the destination…

RMNP - Emerald Lake

Time to head back but we will also enjoy the hike down as well as the light change changes the views.  So, here we are back at Dream Lake around 10AM.

RMNP - Dream Lake

Around 10:30 we get back to Nymph Lake

RMNP - Nymph LakeRMNP - Nymph Lake

We are back to the Trail Head at 10:45 and the parking lot is “Packed”; sure glad we started early.

Now you might ask what views between the lakes was there to see; who about this one…

RMNP - Bear Lake Trail

Time to go enjoy more of the park in others areas which will be covered in our next post…

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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 9B

Once we completed our drive over Kebler Pass we pass over McClure Pass; (8,755ft)

IMG_557939 07.733N 107 17.124W

Found Hays Creek Falls just outside Redstone, CO

39 09.510N 107 15.065W

From there we head toward Independence Pass with a stop first at the old Ghost Town


39 06.412N 106 36.200W

We pass over the Continental Divide at Independence Pass; 12,095ft

39 06.499N 106 33.848W

Time for lunch and we stop at one of our mountain favorites, the Golden Burro Cafe in Leadville


We will then head towards Copper Mountain via Fremont Pass 11,318ft

IMG_561539 22.105N 106 11.310W

Once we reach Interstate 70 we head for home; 1,889 miles later

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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 9A

Our last day of this trip is all about taken a Scenic Drive taking in the Rocky Mountains.  As we leave Gunnison, CO we head up Hwy 135 towards Crested Butte,  It’s June and there is still snow in the high mountains ahead of us.

IMG_554538 49.071N 106 54.536W

Once pass Crested Butte, we take Gunnison County 12 to Kebler Pass where we will also catch one of the residents of the high mountains taking a break catching some morning sunshine.


As we pass County 12E, we catch this view of Ruby Peak

IMG_555238 51.484N 107 06.749W

As we pass over a bridge we stop to enjoy this view below

IMG_555538 51.779N 107 07.077W

We catch this view of East Beckwith Mountain a bit farther down the road

IMG_556338 51.591N 107 09.382W

We make a stop near Road #706 to read about a trail head here (Lost Lake)

IMG_556738 53.750N 107 12.876W

Here is a shot we took of Marcellina Mountain

IMG_557338 54.638N 107 14.627W

We catch another view of East Beckwith Mountain as well

IMG_557538 55.259N 107 15.811W

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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#7

A new day and a new set of adventures. We start off this day at Fish Creek Falls which we hike to both the top and the bottom of the falls.


From hear we head up to Hahn’s Peak Lake which is where I used to go fishing with my Grandfather, Father, and Brother. I had not been there in untold years but could still remember the exact spot and use to toss in my line and catch fish. Brought a tear or two of pure happiness.

We return to Steamboat Springs to photograph the D&RGW Depot to also find Rio Grande Caboose #01502 standing near by.

We next head west down US40 until we reach Hayden where we bag our next D&RGW Depot.
We will continue west along US40 until we reach Craig. Here we will photograph the old Denver & Salt Lake Depot (later a D&RGW Station) and also photograph David Moffat’s Marcia Parlor Car. This car is marked Denver, Notherwestern & Pacific on one side and Denver & Salt Lake on the other. We found the car closed & locked even though all documentation we had said it should be open for tour.  Last time we were here it was open and there wasn’t a shelter over it.
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