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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#02

After spending the night in Hays, KS we will use it as a base camp to do some touring in the area. We head back west towards Oakley, KS and while at a Rest Stop near Grainfield Lisa catches a few shots of a Union Pacific MOW train.

Once we reach Oakley we tracked down the Union Pacific Combination Depot that was built-in 1940 and it’s still being used by UP today; got a few engines shots from there as well. We also tracked down another Union Pacific Combination Depot that has moved here from Grinnell, KS that is being used as a business now.

There is a large monument to Buffalo Bill in this town as well.

We will then head into Gove County to check out a geological area called Monument Rock; cool place! Got a few wild life shots but nothing special.

From there we drive into Logan County to visit the Keystone Gallery.

He head back to Hays, KS to visit the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

From there is back to hunting down more railroad items on our list. First stop is finding the Kansas Merci Car which is at American Legion Post 173. We also head nearing out-of-town to an abandon facility called Frontier City where the Missouri Pacific Combination from Arnold Kansas not sits vacant and boarded up.

It’s been a full day and we return to our hotel in Hays for the night before we head further east at our next base camp
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#9

Our final day of this RRAdventure…

Since the A/C of the car remains questionable, we decide to reduce our itinerary so that we will get home before the heat bakes us alive.

We start the morning off in Laramie and as we head to our first destination we come across a UP Caboose we didn’t expect to find.

After take a few picture we head onto our first destination which is the UP Depot and take several shorts around the station. A freight train pass by but I didn’t have the video camera with me, it was still in the car with Lisa.

From here we head over to the park that is near my Great Grandparents house where I remember a steam engine that stood there and it was great to see it was still there.

We now start our trek down I-80 and make a stop just outside of Buford where the Ames Monument sits.

We now reach Cheyenne and head toward to location of the Merci Car that was sent to Wyoming. The address we had was wrong but we lucked out and found it anyway.

After taking a few shots we head over to the park near by to photograph UP #4004

From here we head over to the UP Depot and that was a small challenge based on how the station is nearly under a bridge with One-Way streets and dead ends; but, we got there after a few wrong turns.

From here we work our way over to another park to track down UP#1242

It’s getting hot and even though the A/C is still working we decided to head for home. It was a good idea as after we got caught behind a traffic accident the A/C started to act up again. We reach Loveland by lunch and we stop for a quick shot of the C&S Depot but decide to not track down the GW Depot.

Well, after having a nice lunch and the A/C still acting up we head onto home and bypass all our other planned stops.

More photographs will be coming from this trip in a later RRAdventure TrainBoard topic so keep your eye out for it in the future.

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On August 5, 1997 we stopped by and got a few photographs of this wonder piece of WWI railroad equipment sent to the US as a gift. This is just on of several cars received, 1 for each state plus one for DC.

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