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2013 – Silverdale Historic District

Up near Georgetown, there is an old Ghost Town know as Silverdale and we will spend most of the day exploring this area.

To begin with we catch a few signs at the parking area at the trail head…

Silverdale Interpretive SiteSilverdale Interpretive Site

Our first stop will be at the ruins of the Colorado Central Mill and we will also find a friend enjoying the quite morning up here in the mountains.  The mill stopped operating in the 1920’s.

Colorado Central MillDeer near Colorado Central Mill

The vast majoring of the trail we will be hiking is also old mining Railroad bed so you know I will be taking photos all along the route to document it and we will also find a few remnants along the way

Silverdale Mining RailroadSilverdale Mining Railroad

The trail dead-ends where the railroad would have crossed the creek as at a trestle is long since gone and then over another one yet

Silverdale Mining Railroad

We will double back and drive up the road to another trail head where we catch an old mining structure that would have been near where the railroad would have come after crossing the Leavenworth Creek.

Silverdale Mining Ruin

Above this location yet would have been Marshall Tunnel which today is no longer accessible…

Marshall Tunnel Marshall Tunnel

We will head into Georgetown and have lunch at the old Colorado Central Depot that was also used by the Georgetown Loop Railroad.

Colorado Central Depot - Georgetown, CO

Just would be right not to at least catch a photo of the train while in town…

Georgetown Loop Railroad


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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 9B

Once we completed our drive over Kebler Pass we pass over McClure Pass; (8,755ft)

IMG_557939 07.733N 107 17.124W

Found Hays Creek Falls just outside Redstone, CO

39 09.510N 107 15.065W

From there we head toward Independence Pass with a stop first at the old Ghost Town


39 06.412N 106 36.200W

We pass over the Continental Divide at Independence Pass; 12,095ft

39 06.499N 106 33.848W

Time for lunch and we stop at one of our mountain favorites, the Golden Burro Cafe in Leadville


We will then head towards Copper Mountain via Fremont Pass 11,318ft

IMG_561539 22.105N 106 11.310W

Once we reach Interstate 70 we head for home; 1,889 miles later

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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2E

Poverty Gulch

We next head over to another area and find more surprises.  On our right we find a Headframe, Ore House, and two other mining buildings that were not there before.  This new relocation site has two great information signs on the Headframe and Ore House and I will later learn the identity of the two buildings.

Hoosier Mine

Hoosier Mine

Forest Queen Ore House

Forest Queen Ore House

Hoosier Mine Headframe and Forest Queen Ore House

Cameron Mine Office and Blacksmith Shop

Cameron Mine Office and Blacksmith Shop

Pinnacle Ore House

On the other side of the road is yet another surprise as we find a Ore House on a flatbed truck.  As you will read farther on within this post I determined it’s identity too as the Pinnacle Ore House.

Pinnacle Ore House

Gold Camp Trail and Poverty Gulch

What we came to location was the old Gold Camp Trail and Exhibit (30 45.240N / 105  08.937W) and they are there.  It’s hot and things are a bit of a mess around this location right now so we will head on down the road

Gold Camp Trail and Poverty Gulch

Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company

Since my previous post I got a chance to talk to Jane Mannon of the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company and she helped me identify the Pinnacle Ore House photo in this post but also learned the Anaconda Blacksmith Shop has been relocated that I was concerned about in my earlier post.

I also learned about their Newsletter that contained a wonderful wealth of information including the below relocation information:

  • May B Ore Bin – relocated in 2009 from the Phase 5 area of the VLF to the hill slope east of the ADR
  • Forest Queen Ore House – moved from the WHEX area in 2010 to the Hoosier Mine site
  • Pinnacle Park Bear Caves (funded by the City of Cripple Creek, CC&V coordinated) not yet reconstructed by Cripple Creek
  • Hull City Ore House (started in 2004, completed in 2010) moved adjacent to the Vindicator Valley hiking trail
  • Hull City Gallows Frame (started in 2004, completed in 2010) moved adjacent to the Vindicator Valley hiking trail
  • Julia E Gallows Frame – relocated from Squaw Gulch to the Ma Beard reclamation area in 2011
  • Morning Glory Ore House – disassembled and relocated from upper Squaw Gulch to the historic Mound City area in lower Squaw Gulch, 2012
  • Golden Wedge Gallows Frame (a.k.a. Dr. Jackpot) – moved from harms way in Squaw Gulch, now adjacent to Hwy 67 between Cripple Creek and Victor, 2012
  • Rittenhouse Gallows Frame and Ore House – moved and reconstructed in 2012 at S. 4th Street in Victor
  • Anchoria Leland Gallows Frame – relocated in 2012-2013 from the Gold Hill area to a hilltop immediately south of Cripple Creek
  • Anchoria Leland Hoist House – relocated in 2012-2013 from the Gold Hill area to a hilltop immediately south of Cripple Creek
  • Cameron Mine Blacksmith Shop – (funded by DRMS – CC&V coordinated) moved to the Hoosier Mine area in 2012
  • Cameron Mine Office – (funded by DRMS – CC&V coordinated) moved to the Hoosier Mine area in 2012
  • Mary McKinney Powder Magazine – moved in 2012 from Squaw Gulch to the Poverty Gulch hiking trail south of the Heritage Center
  • International Gallows Frame – moved in 2012-2013 from the Gold Hill area to the Poverty Gulch hiking trail south of the Heritage Center
  • Rittenhouse Hoist House – moved in 2012-2013 to the Poverty Gulch hiking trail
  • Progress Gold King Ore Bin – moved in 2012-2013 to the Poverty Gulch hiking trail
  • Grace Greenwood Gallows Frame – moved from Squaw Gulch to the Altman Backfill reclamation area (above the American Eagles access road) 2012
  • Grace Greenwood Hoist House – moved from Squaw Gulch to the Altman Backfill reclamation area (above the American Eagles access road) 2012
  • Anaconda Blacksmith Shop – Moved in 2013 from Squaw Gulch to the Conundrum Mine area adjacent to the narrow gauge railroad

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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2D

Cripple Creek-Victor Mining District

This area today is being heavily mined by what is known as the Cresson surface mine.  Because of this, the historical structures in the area are moved (the best they can) so where you find things one year might be different the next.  This was very true on this trip as we found various things moved again…

After crossing 250-foot bridge over Arequa Gulch that was constructed by the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company we head into the next section.  We are expecting to stop to take photos on structure on the left side of the road but are surprised to see a Headframe on the right.  After a bit of research, I determine it’s from the Golden Wedge Mine.  This headframe was originally at  38.727941° N / 105.157534° W but it’s been moved to 38.724918° N / 105.167238° W now.

Golden Wedge Mine

Beacon Hill Phonolite Plug

To our left we find the Nichol’s Mine as expected at 38.722430° N / 105.165642° W

Nichol's MineNichol's Mine

Next down the valley is the El Paso Mine at 38.719252° N / 105.170454° W

El Paso Mine

Farther yet down the valley is the Mary Nevin Mine at 38.718397° N / 105.175245° W

Mary Nevin Mine

As you continue on State Highway 67 we will reach a timber wall or cribbing on the right that supported the dump rock of the Mary MacKinney Mine.  This cribbing was originally placed here to permit the passage of the Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad (F&CC) on what is now the highway.  You can start to see how the current Cresson surface mine is pushing down hill into this area.

Cribbing – Mary McKinney Mine

Anaconda, CO

As we make the tight turn in the highway, this is where Anaconda, CO once stood and the railroad once also had a depot that is now in Cripple Creek used by the tourist railroad today.  We will stop after making the curve in the highway where we can get more of a panoramic view of the changes that have occurred since we were last here.

As we look to our left down the highway we just passed over we can now clearly see why the Golden Wedge Mine Headframe was moved as the Cresson surface mine has pushed into that location now.  We also note the old Blacksmith Shop building is missing (unknown status) and can barley make out where the old dept once stood now.  What was once left of Anaconda’s ghost town is nearly gone now and what remains will be gone soon…

Anaconda, CO

Rotating clockwise, the cribbing  of the Mary MacKinney Mine is back in view of the camera again.

Anaconda, CO

Rotating clockwise again, you can truly see between all these three photos the impact the Cresson surface mine is having now.  It won’t be long and this entire area will be transformed.

Anaconda, CO

Zooming in, I will also capture a closer view of the Chicken Hawk Mine at 38.726301° N / 105.163991° W.  I wonder how much longer it will remain.

Chicken Hawk Mine

Here is a couple of Goggle Earth Images from 2001 and 2012 of the Cresson surface mine to show growth over ~10 years of mining operations.  Anaconda, CO stood basically where you see the hairpin curve in the highway in the middle of these images

Cresson Mine - 2001

Cresson Mine - 2012


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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2C

Before we leave Victor, I will also catch a photo of the Midland Terminal train station from a different angle

Midland Terminal - Victor, CO

We leave town and then make a stop at The Little Grouse Mountain Mining Exhibit ( 38.710412° -105.162187°) that is a roadside museum of various mining equipment


From that same location you can also see the Arequa Gulch Bridge – Highest Bridge on Colorado State Highway System (38.714215° / -105.165698°); 1,218 ft Long / 250+ feet high.


Time to head on down the road for our next stop…


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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2B

Battle Mountain – Victor, Colorado

The next part of Day #2 we head back to Victor, CO to explore more of Battle Mountain

Winfield Scott Stratton

Independence Mine and Mill Site
Independence Mine and Mill Site

Independence MineIndependence Ore Car

Independence Mill FoundationsIndependence Mill

The Mines of Battle Mountain

The Famous Portland Mines and the Ajax Mine

Portland and Ajax Mine

Portland I Mine

Portland Mine

Ajax Mine

Ajax Mine

Strong Mine

Strong Mine

Cresson Headframe

Cresson Headframe


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2012 – Fall Vacation – Part 9

On this day we will travel for home but will make a few stops along the way.  Our first stop being at Dotsero Volcano.  From Wikipedia, Dotsero is a 700-meter (2,300 ft) wide by 400-meter (1,300 ft) deep maar volcano located in Dotsero, Colorado near the junction of the Colorado River and the Eagle River. It is classified as a scoria cone with evaporitic rock, basaltic tephra, and oxidized sandstone. Erupting approximately 4200 years ago, it is the youngest volcano in Colorado.

Once we reach Eagle, CO we will stop at the Rest Stop to get photos of D&RGW Caboose #01461.

Eagle, CO

We don’t have plans for any major hikes today but will take a short detour off of I-70 to go up to Shrine Pass to look at the area for a future hike.  We noted the “Caution” sign we spotted as we drove up to the pass being something unexpected

With that, we drive the rest of the way home completing our 1,704 mile romp through Colorado over nine days.


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