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World Travel – Netherlands 2004

We next major stop is Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland) where we took a wonderful float trip through the city via various canals. We started just outside the Central Station, passing by the famous Anne Frank’s house, before docking at the Sea Palace for dinner. The next morning we visited a Diamond Factory that sits close to the Opera House. As in many cities we have visited I got a few shots of the churches and other unique structures. In many places in Europe I found that the oldest buildings still standing are the churches which is why they are so unique and interesting to visit. Some have famous people buried within them.

St. Nicolaaskerk


Central Station

Anne Frank’s House


Sea Palace

Opera House

Stoeltie Diamonds

Moses and Aaron Church

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2004: Vacation to Europe

RRAdventures Topic on TrainBoard: Railroad Adventures (RRAdventures) – European Vacation 2004 (Revisited w/ Video!!!)

RRAdventures Website: European Vacation

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