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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2C

Before we leave Victor, I will also catch a photo of the Midland Terminal train station from a different angle

Midland Terminal - Victor, CO

We leave town and then make a stop at The Little Grouse Mountain Mining Exhibit ( 38.710412° -105.162187°) that is a roadside museum of various mining equipment


From that same location you can also see the Arequa Gulch Bridge – Highest Bridge on Colorado State Highway System (38.714215° / -105.165698°); 1,218 ft Long / 250+ feet high.


Time to head on down the road for our next stop…


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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 2A

Colorado Midland Railroad

We will start off our second day by driving up Elevenmile Canyon.  Once we turned off into the canyon road, we will be on Colorado Midland Railroad grade so the video camera gets mounted on the dashboard and we head in to record the route; making a few stops along the way…

38.968622° 105.362816°

Our first stop directly related to the Colorado Midland is for the first tunnel which I believe was know as Tunnel #9.  I will take photos of both portals but here is the shot I pick for our travel blog.

38.931458° 105.413715°

We will later pass through this Rock Cut; I don’t know if it had an official name.  Note also the bridge behind it as we will cross over the water at this point as well.

38.941537° 105.403897°

We crossed over a few bridges that were obviously built/rebuilt by the State Highway Department.  This bridge however just beyond the cut has a railroad look to it.  The Bridge does have a State Highway Department tag on it from 1923 but I will do more investigation if it is one of the old RR bridges that the CM once used too…

38.941141° 105.404172°38.941141° 105.404172°

Farther down the canyon we will reach two tunnels close to each other.  Like with the first, I will take a few photos of both portals of each one.  I believe this one was called Tunnel #10 under the Colorado Midland usage.

38.916054° 105.448101°

Making this on likely Tunnel #11 of the Colorado Midland Railway

38.915933° 105.449635°

Afterward driving farther up the canyon we reach the Dam where we can no longer trace the Colorado Midland Right-of-Way.  The route would have continued on along the river to Hartsel, CO

38.904796° 105.475883°


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2013 – Summer Vacation – Part 1

Lisa and I will take off on a nine-day vacation starting on June 1st; heading into southern Colorado.  We will spend our first night in Woodland Park, CO; but, we will make several stops that day in the region.

Our first stop is in Green Mountain Falls where the Colorado Midland Railroad once operated.  We have been trying to locate where the Depot once stood related to the tracks that passed by the lake.  We had hoped the information office would be open but once again is was closed.  In the below photo, the tracks would have been along this path and the depot we believe towards the far end.

Green Mountain Falls

From there we head to the Ute Pass History Park where one of the buildings is dedicated to the Colorado Midland Railroad.  We got there too early but return to find the main building open but were told the RR building is only open one weekend a month during the summer and this wasn’t the weekend. Grr!!!!

Ute Pass History Park

The bulk of the day will be spent at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.  We will hike the main trail and see lots of great stuff and also get a break and find a section also open that is normally closed and get a nice history lesson of from a Ranger about the ongoing research being done at the dig site we got to go into.

Florissant Fossil Beds National MonumentFlorissant Fossil Beds National Monument

We will stop at the Pikes Peak Historical Society Museum we have often drove past to see what they might have to enjoy.  Besides lots of great information from various aspects of this region including Rock / Mineral displays that Lisa very much enjoyed I would also find a photo from Green Mountain Falls that shows the train at what I believe is the depot.  More research to be done to confirm but maybe the location is now found!

Pikes Peak Historical Society MuseumPikes Peak Historical Society Museum

In earlier trips we have also explored many of the old Mines open to the public in Victor around the Battle Mountain site but have yet to explore all the areas.  On this stop we will check out the old Mill Site.

Battle Mountain – Mill SiteBattle Mountain – Mill Site

As we travel this area we often pass by an old Midland Terminal Tunnel.  I have gotten shots of one portal on previous stops but never got a shot of both; until this trip!!!

Colorado Midland TunnelColorado Midland Tunnel

Time to get to the Country Lodge for the night to get checked in and have some dinner


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Video – SkunkTrain 2000


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Video – B&O Museum 1999


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2013 – Colorado Railroad Museum – Open Car Day

Today, the CRRM had its first of several up and coming “Open Car” Days where visitors get a chance to go inside cars not often open to pubic viewing.  Open Car Day #1 featured the following cars…

CMR Observation Car No. 111

CMR Observation Car No. 111

RGS Business Car Rico No. 21

RGS Business Car Rico No. 21

D&RGW RPO No. 60

D&RGW RPO No. 60

UP Coach No. 5442

UP Coach No. 5442

CB&Q Business Car No. 96

CB&Q Business Car No. 96


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Video – Alaska Railroad 1999


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