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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#1

Not a political statement but not wanting to be around all the “other” stuff that comes with holding a political convention for any party just down the street from your home.

So, Lisa and I decided to head into the hills and spend a week plus at higher altitude and do some photography. Some places we have not photographed before as well as places we decided it was time to do it again.

Not everything was RR related but we did catch many of RR shots along the way…

We started out stopping by a geological road cut along I-70 just outside of Morrison, CO.

Morrison, COMorrison, CO

From there we stopped up in Idaho Springs and for the first time took some photographs of the Colorado & Southern Depot and Section House there.

After that we headed up I-70 to Dumont where we recently learned about a Colorado and Southern Depot also survives.
We turned off I-70 to drive over Loveland Pass (11,990 ft) and hike around. We also stopped by Pass Lake to take some more nature shots there.
Continental DivideLoveland Pass
We then pulled into Dillon where we falsely hear the old Depot there still existed. We talked to a historian there that said it had long since burned down a few years after it was no longer in service. We did however come across a house that was adding a Caboose to it’s layout.
We later went into Keystone where we had learned the old Denver, South Park, & Pacific depot still stands.
Before call it a night in Breckenridge we stopped by the Rotary Snowplow Park again, this time to take some SUMMER shots of the equipment there we photographed last WINTER in several feet of snow.
Day #2 will bring many more RR shots to enjoy too…
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2007: Static Display (Breckenridge, CO)

Over the weekend we had a nice family get together in Breckenridge, CO and it gave me a nice chance to take a few shots of the Static Display of RR equipment they have in what they call Rotary Plow Park; see why!
RRAdventures Website: Static Display(Colorado)

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2006: Colorado Railroad Museum

Topic on TrainBoard: Railroad Adventures (RRAdventures) – Colorado Railroad Museum; Part I

RRAdventures Website: Colorado Railroad Museum (June 30, 2006)

Back on June 30 and again on July 2 Lisa and I spent the a good part of both weekends
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