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2011: September Outing – Part 2

First destination of the day, a ride on the Royal Gorge Route. We will take lots of photographs and I took my new HD Camcorder for it’s first Railfan action.

We splurged a bit to ride in the Dome Car so the video did not turn out that good during the ride do to the sun glare on the window but I would take some video of the train before and after the trip that turned out very nice!

Above the tracks near Canon City several tunnels that some might mistake to be old railroad; but, Tunnel Drive (Hiking Trail Only) was built by prison inmates for water pipe to bring water into the city.  It does make for a great Railfanning location as you can see clearly down onto the tracks and we took advantage of it.

We will spend the afternoon traveling though Phantom Canyon which is the RR roadbed of the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad

I will setup the new new HD Camcorder as a Dash Camera and record the entire section as if we were the train going through the canyon.  Should make for an interesting documentary video some day interlaced with historical information and photos if I ever get the time to do it; not anytime soon though…

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