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Video – Pacific Southwest Railway Cab Ride

Enjoy a Round-Trip Cab ride while with me as well as seeing many of the other railroad pieces at the Campo facility as we head toward the Mexico border at Tunnel #4. In the first half I will show you a map of our location along the route as we travel backwards and then enjoy full screen view out the window as we head back toward the museum. I also included history of the Southern Pacific Diesel Engine about half way into the video. So, sit back and enjoy this ~30 minute video


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2012 – Fall Vacation – Part 8

As we near the end of our trip, we will spend Day #8 hiking (climbing) up to Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, CO.  Once parked, I spot a few Fallen Flag Gondola’s that are tough to get photos of but I did manager to get one clear shot.

Hanging Lake Trail

As you get ready to hike the Hanging Lake Trail there is a Warning Sign.  We Saw many on the trail that didn’t read this OR didn’t care!!!

Warning Sign

As we walked along the flat section of the trail along the River you get great views of the canyon and places one can also see the Railroad tracks; not a train in sight…

Hanging Lake Trail

Once you get to the original Hanging Lake Trail Head there is a great sign on the area

Information Sign

Here is another River and Railroad shot I took but still no trains in sight

Hanging Lake Trail

Once we are deep into the trail, we could see Waterfalls everywhere and this was fall when the water levels are normally low.  This is just one of many such places we stop and took photos of…

Hanging Lake Trail

After a nice long but tough hike we reach Hanging Lake.  The last say 0.2 miles is a very steep hike and narrow so mind your footing but the destination is well worth it.  We got up to the lake early so there wasn’t too many folks there let but WOW, by the time we left it was packed with people

Found this Hanging Lake Marker on a rock near the lake edge

After getting our shots of the lake we headed farther up the trail to Spouting Rock.  It’s not much of a hike by distance but it’s a bit rocky in places so again watch your footing.

Hanging Lake Trail

By the time we get back down it’s time for Lunch and we find a spot at one of the rest stops in the canyon.  I can hear a train coming (finally!) and grabbed the video camera; waiting at this location for the Passing Train.  Will share the video later…

Video coming later :-)
Our next stop is the Glenwood Railroad Museum that is in the old depot that is now used by Amtrak.  We have been here many a time to only find the museum closed but this time we made sure we would be here when it was open.  The front section has an O-Scale/O-Gauge setup and the back section has some nice historic pieces as well as a Large-Scale steam engine

Glenwood Railroad Museum

Our last destination for the day is Aspen, CO.  We tried and failed to find the old Depot but we have since learned we were looking in the wrong place.  We did however find the Colorado Midland Railroad Bridge (39.201200° N 106.849400°W) that today is used for pedestrian crossing over the creek.  It’s right next to today’s highway bridge.

Near Aspen, CO

Only one more day left of our vacation…


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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#01

Lisa and I took our first major vacation out-of-town in a long time. When I say EAST, I don’t just mean East of the Denver Metro Area; but, we headed all the way across Kansas and back.

Day#01 was mostly a travel day from Denver to Hays, KS across I-70. We broke up the drive by planning several stops along the route which was heavily aimed at fining old RR structures to add to my RRAdventures photo collection. Before the day was out, I bagged 6 Depots, 1 Roundhouse, 3 Freight Cars, 1 Speeder, a Wye, and some research material.  Here is a teaser shot until I do a full trip report…

Union Pacific

Union Pacific Depot – Colby, Kansas

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2009: Colorado Railroad Museum – 50th Anniversary Celebration

Lisa and I attended this historical event together on Saturday. She took her camera with her and took over 300 photographs and I took over 30 minutes of video. The main attraction was the Equipment Parade where they ran several pieces of equipment around the track several times.While at the event I met “Chris Guenzler” of TrainWeb ( who was traveled over 1 Million miles by rail.

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1998: Steamtown National Historic Site

RRAdventures Website: Steamtown National Historic Site

On a very “Rainy” day of October 8th, 1998 we got a chance to take a quick tour of this wonderful historic site and to my surprise I also found a D&H Flanger (#36037) on the site too. Oh yes, and this small little engine too…

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