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World Travel – Alaska 2012 – Cruise Day #7

Port of Call:  Seattle, Washington

Our final day of our Alaska Adventure and as we wake, Seattle, Washington is in sight as well as the Space Needle.

Space Needle

Time for us to catch some breakfast and get ready to disembark the ship.  Before we do this, one last look at our navigation to see how far we have traveled now that we are in port.

Seattle Washington

With that, we step off the ship; BUT!, we are not yet done with this adventure as we will make a day of it in Seattle by taking a shore excursion here as well.  Time to get on our Tour Bus for a city tour…

We will head up to Queen Anne Hill at Kerry Park and catch a view of the Space Needle.  Note the ORANGE top of the Space Needle as it’s the 50th Anniversary of its construction and they have painted it back to its original color.

Queen Anne Hill - Kerry Park

Now it’s time to head over to the Space Needle and ride up the elevator to the top.  We will get our picture taken and will see a FREE Digital Postcard of ourselves from the top.  There is our ship down below…

From below we will take a few shots before catching our bus as we continue our City Tour

Seattle, WashingtonSeattle, Washington

We will briefly stop at Occidental Park for a few shots and also catch a shot of the Waterfront Street Car station that is here as well.

Seattle, Washington

Our final destination of the City Tour is the Farmers Market where we will grab some lunch…

Seattle Washington

While our bus made it’s way through the city we passed the old King Street Station that was the depot for the Great Northern Railway and Northern Pacific Railway.  Currently there is a King Tut exhibit going on so the temporarily adjusted the station sign to read King TUT Street Station.  It was impossible to get a clean / complete shot of the station while on the bus but here is a couple of shots from different angles we did get.

Seattle WashingtonSeattle Washington

I will also get a few Railfan shots in from the bus as we headed down the highway to our hotel for the night

Seattle, WA

The next day we fly back home on board Frontier with Fritz being our animal.  We will pass Mount Rainier and I will be able to get several shots from out the plane window.  As we land in Denver I had to laugh as there was Mustang Sally at the next gate.  If you recall, that is the plane we boarded at the beginning of this adventure

Hope everyone enjoyed reading all the “World Travel – Alaska 2012 …” blog entries from this trip report as we have enjoyed sharing them with you.  Rest assured, more Travel Reports will be coming…


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Video – 4th Anniversary on YouTube

Currently my RRAdventures YouTube channel ( has 247 videos and they are all Railroad related.  Stop by and check a few out such as this one on the Denver and Intermountain Interurban #25 during the August 15th, 2009 Open House.

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2010: Railfanning South of Town

Lisa and I went out on July 31st to track down more RR Stations that we have not photographed with a long list still to go.

On this day we will add to our photograph inventory the following locations in Colorado

  1. D&RGW – Castle Rock
  2. AT&SF – Castle Rock
  3. AT&SF – Sedalia
  4. AT&SF – Palmer Lake (Ex-Larkspur)

After we left Sedalia and heading towards Palmer Lake we came across a couple of strange cows in a field and when I say strange I mean Camels!  Not something you expect to find in Colorado but yet here they were…

During on travels we passed under the Rio Grande Bridge at Monument, CO as a BNSF Coal Train passed by. Time to stop for a few shots

We would then send some time at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry which also has some nice RR equipment there related to the Mining Industry; one they enjoy running up and down a small section of track.

Our last stop of the day would be in Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak Municipal Street Railway (they seem to go by various names here) which also has lots of other RR equipment around. The highlight here is a ride on one of their operational Trolleys.

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2009: Denver and Intermountain Railroad #25

Today was the 2009 Open House for Denver and Intermountain Railroad Trolley #25 and Lisa, her Mom, and I made a morning of it. This will also be my entry into the August TrainBoard Video Contest so be looking for a short video clip to be coming out soon. Note the video camera on the right side of the shot, that’s my Sony already rolling film as Trolley#25 is heading down the track. Lisa and her mom are onboard and my little Canon point a shoot is also set to video mode so I’m off to record the RunBy from two locations at the same time!!!

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2008: Denver and Intermountain Railroad #25

D&IM Trolley #25 took to the rails today!!!!!!!

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