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2011: October Outing – Part 5

Well, it’s Day#5 its time to head home but this chapter of Railroad Adventures (RRAdventures) is not yet over..

We head east on US50 over to Cimarron and turn off onto Morrow Point Dam Road up to the D&RGW Display.  Now you might know what you expect me to find and photograph but I know something has changed and wanted to get a photograph of this difference.  What do you think?

Notice anything missing?

We continue down the highway to Gunnison  to see if we would have any luck finding the Depot here that we had little info on but no such luck.  More research needed to find out if it still exists and where it might be found at.

We will now move on to Crested Butte to find and locate the depot there that we did have detail information on its location.

We turn back to Gunnison for lunch and even though the Pioneer Museum is closed that does not mean I can’t take some photographs from the fence.  Sargents Depot is in there along with the Water Tank from Marshall Pass and oh yea lots of D&RGW railroad equipment.  Another trip here in the future to get better shots.

We now head for Sargents as the Water Tank is still there; it sits on Private property but the owner has a nice display in front with some history about the tank and a donation box to help keep it preserved.  Drop a few bucks as I sure would like to see it saved.

From here we head over Monarch Pass and catch a few shots of some old mines in the area

We will now head towards Howard to see if we get get shots of the Tunnel and old Rio Grande Bridge ( 38°27’57″N / 105°51’40″W).  Once we got shots of the Bridge we found we needed to take another route to get to the tunnel and there is not the time.  I will take a few shots of the West Portal from the highway but it’s not very good.

Our final stop before heading home is at Kenosha Pass where a Wye was at and there is a nice display and historical information there about the Denver, South Park, and Pacific that once operated here.  I took some video while walking the display track to help show it since it’s hard to see from the ground using still photography.  You can see a portion of it in this photograph from the parking away from the highway.

That’s it for this RRAdventures blog but if you know me there are lots and lots more still to come!


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2011: Moffat Route

Lisa and I have not been in the heart of the Moffat Route since 1985 when we took our very first Railfan trip together. So, over the past couple of weekends we have trekked back into this area to gather some new photos. We didn’t get to as many places as we had hoped but it was still a couple of fun days away from the heat of the city.

On July 31, we spent some time on the east side…

On August 6th we headed over to the west side.

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2011: Tunnel District

Lisa and I did some moderate hiking today in Eldorado Canyon State Park where she told me that we might get a little Railfanning in at the top of the trail.

After climbing 1,200 feet in elevation change taking in great views of the mountain canyon along Rattlesnake Gulch Trail we reach a section of the Tunnel District. We had several great views of Tunnel#8, the Daylighted #9 and if I would have known exactly where we were we were also on top of Tunnel #10.

We got the California Zephyr (running late as normal), followed by a massive UP Freight, and also caught a work train. All heading west bound.

Here is just a couple of teaser shots until a later RRAdventures topic is done on this outing.

As we head home we stop by to find where the old C&S/UP Depot was moved to as well…

Boulder, CO

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2010: Hudson Holiday Train

Lisa and I took advantage of the “dry/warm” December we are having this year and went down to Hudson Gardens to take in their Hudson Holiday lights and yes, they have a Garden Railway setup…

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!!

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#08

It’s day eight of our trip and today we meet up with my niece and the three of us head for Hutchinson, KS. Our morning activity is to tour the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. At the surface is old Engine No. 2 now sitting as Static Display and I find lots more RR stuff underground that I will share in a future in a trip report.

After stopping for lunch, we head over to the Cosmosphere which is a great Space Museum.
Hutchinson, KS
It is the home of the Liberty Bell and Apollo 13 space capsules.
Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Before leaving Hutchinson and heading back to Wichita for Dinner, Games, and Sleep we track down the AT&SF Freight Depot that is here and also find a modern BNSF office across the street from it.

Day #9 coming soon…

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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#5

We start out on this day by going up the side of the mountain to tour the “Glenwood Springs Caverns Adventure Park” which I would find out was now owned by a guy I went to college with. During the tour it opens up on the side of the cliff and looking down we caught a Coal Train passing through Glenwood Canyon.

After the tour we walked to downtown Glenwood Springs to take a few photographs; especially of the Depot and the Spa.

We checked at the station and both the West & East bound trains were running late as usual and the museum was closed. So, we decided to take a nice drive down Glenwood Canyon to take some scenic shots.

Well, wouldn’t you know it; the West Bound Amtrak shows up and we could barely get to a stopping point to catch some shots.

Wouldn’t you know it again, after we left that spot the East Bound shows up and we do our best to catch it. We actually did in a few places!
After reaching the east end of Glenwood Canyon we turned around to drive back to Glenwood Springs. Along the way we saw a UP Truck on the highway and then we got a crew on the tracks. Remember in my previous blog “Here is just a teaser of what we found but not the only thing“, that other piece we found operating along with others including this truck.
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2008: Escape of the DNC; Day#4

We start the day NW of Leadville by taking a drive around Turquoise Lake. We look several small hikes as well as stop at the Charles H Boustead Tunnel (Water) and the Sugar Loaf Dam. We then swing by the Leadville National Fish Hatchery.

We next head SW and drive over Independence Pass (12,095 ft.) and also stop at what’s left of the old ghost town.

Continental Divide

Not to fear, our next stop is very much RR related as we head to Basalt. Here we photograph the Colorado Midland Depot and as well the C&S Caboose #1050.

As we drop up the highway we noticed something on a side road; track? Now we understand all that should have been gone so we doubled back to find the side road and sure enough there it was. A small section of the Rio Grande Trail still was a section of track. Might make a great Google Earth contest in the future.
On on way we also find some great Red Rock geological formations
Carbondale, COCarbondale, CO
At the end of the day we reach Glenwood Springs and when we drove towards our hotel I noticed the UP yard was close by and something; so after dinner we drop over there. Here is just a teaser of what we found but not the only thing.
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