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2012 – Wichita Kansas – Part 4

It’s now Day #4 of our five-day mini vacation.  The rest of the family heads home today but we will remain to explore more of the area.  We will start off heading out to Beaumont, Kansas to track down a Frisco Water Tower that is the last of its kind.

Beaumont, KS

We now head to Augusta, KS to track down an old SLSF (Frisco) Depot as well as an old AT&SF Depot that is now used by BNSF.  We found a few BNSF critters while we were there along with some other equipment.

Augusta, KSAugusta, KSAugusta, KS

From there it is off to Winfield, KS to track down an AT&SF Depot and by chance I spot the “modern” BNSF building behind it and also catch a diesel engine that I can get a quick shot of.

Winfield, KSWinfield, KSWinfield, KS

Our next stop is Mulvane, KS where we are again tracking down another AT&SF Depot along with a Santa Fe Caboose.  It’s a museum that we knew would not be open but that does not mean I can’t take photos of the outside!

Mulvane, KSMulvane, KS

We get a bite to eat as we head back to Wichita, KS.  As the wife reminds me often; not everything on our trips gets to be RR related.  I agree and at 1PM the Museum of World Treasures opens up and it’s a very nice museum with items from many different eras so off to museum we go.  The second floor is filed with all sort of military stuff from old to semi-modern times; well worth the stop

Wichita, KS

Afterwards I drop Lisa off at the hotel as it has gotten extremely hot and she is wiped.  During our travels earlier in the day I spotted what looked to be a depot and a caboose near Douglass so I will head back out.  Sure enough I find a AT&SF Depot (which is actually a replica) and another SF Caboose; score!

Douglass, KSDouglass, KS

The caboose is actually For Sale so if anyone is interested I have the owner’s contact info.  I wonder what the S&H costs would be on it as I think it would look great in my backyard.

Well, time to head back to Wichita and take Lisa to dinner but I have still a little time to stop by Friends University to check out the campus my niece just graduated from.  I will take a few pictures to add into the video I going to make for her of her graduation.  Here is the Admin. Building that is the largest of the buildings on campus.

Wichita, KS


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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#05

On this day we start out our day in Baldwin City, Kansas to locate the Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park which is a Pre-Civil War site.

From there we head to Ottawa, Kansas to find the AT&SF Combination and Office Depot. Lots of Railroad items inside as well as a Model Layout based on the region. Also found some historical photographs of other stations.

We head for Olathe, Kansas next Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm. Found some railroad historical information there as well.

Our main stop for the day is the National World War I Museum in Kansas City. This is a massive place that would take days to fully take in. Part of the museum is a tall memorial tower.

What do you know, UNION Station is right below us. I know there is lots to see in UNION Station but we won’t have time this trip but I do hope to get back someday…

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2010: Railfanning East of Town; Day#02

After spending the night in Hays, KS we will use it as a base camp to do some touring in the area. We head back west towards Oakley, KS and while at a Rest Stop near Grainfield Lisa catches a few shots of a Union Pacific MOW train.

Once we reach Oakley we tracked down the Union Pacific Combination Depot that was built-in 1940 and it’s still being used by UP today; got a few engines shots from there as well. We also tracked down another Union Pacific Combination Depot that has moved here from Grinnell, KS that is being used as a business now.

There is a large monument to Buffalo Bill in this town as well.

We will then head into Gove County to check out a geological area called Monument Rock; cool place! Got a few wild life shots but nothing special.

From there we drive into Logan County to visit the Keystone Gallery.

He head back to Hays, KS to visit the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

From there is back to hunting down more railroad items on our list. First stop is finding the Kansas Merci Car which is at American Legion Post 173. We also head nearing out-of-town to an abandon facility called Frontier City where the Missouri Pacific Combination from Arnold Kansas not sits vacant and boarded up.

It’s been a full day and we return to our hotel in Hays for the night before we head further east at our next base camp
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On August 5, 1997 we stopped by and got a few photographs of this wonder piece of WWI railroad equipment sent to the US as a gift. This is just on of several cars received, 1 for each state plus one for DC.

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