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2008: Amtrak (California Zephyr)

In June we took off on a Amtrak (2008) RRAdventures rail trip aboard the California Zephyr. We started our trip at Denver UNION Station and headed west towards Emeryville, CA. This is a two-day trip and we got ourselves a Roomette on one of the sleepers. It was a wonderful trip but as usual, UP caused various delays but that just added more time on the train so what the heck!

Once we got to Emeryville, CA we got off the train and spent the night in a wonder hotel right next to the tracks that I took advantage of including a night shot of the station. Come morning the train had been serviced and ready to head east and we got ready to board again. To our surprise we had a couple of “extra” cars add to the rear of the train. A private tour had added a sleeper as well as a beautiful Dome car to our roster.

As we headed east it again took us two days to get back to Denver (with even more UP delays) and again at some stops we could get off the train for a few minutes. At our Grand Junction stop I took several photographs around the station including one of BN Caboose 12517 that I later saw another TB member post that was taken on the same day from the same spot only hours apart from each other.

When my TrainBoard RRAdventures topic on this trip begins there will be a great deal of photographs and Video clips for folks to enjoy; including a surprises even I didn’t expect to see on this trip.

DAY #1

DAY #2

DAY #3

DAY #4
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2008: Georgetown Loop Railroad

On the way home on June 1st and after our stop in Silver Plume, we stopped at the overlook to see what was happening on the “Loop” this year. Remembering that the Truss Bridge need restoration we took a few photographs of it by itself. We later waited to see some action and it’s sad to report that neither steam engine was operational. The GTL RR was being operated by Diesel Engine only…  Somebody on the CHS needs to be fired as they truly have failed us at this location.

Anyway, here is a shot of the truss bridge…

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2008: Static Display (Silver Plume, CO)

After spending time in the mountains we stopped by Silver Plume to catch a few photographs of a caboose that I had never photograph before. To be honest, I didn’t know it was even their until I saw someone of TrainBoard post an image of it awhile back.


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